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some people stop and smell the roses. others go for a swim in a sea of red tulips. 🌷to create this surreal image, dutch photographer jean paul bardelot (@jeanpaulbardelot ) recruited his girlfriend and partner-in-art, nelly. “together, we are often looking for ways to stage pictures like these,” he says. “nelly had to bend so low in between the tulip rows. we had a great laugh about it.” #whpunexpected

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Scenes are great

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John você é o amor da minha vida.

@kidwhoinspires Yesterday

Beautiful ❤️💜❤️💜❤️

@kidwhoinspires Yesterday

Vibe 🙌

@brendaege Yesterday

I love the color red ❤️

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Omg wo😮

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J'adore les coquelicots mais cette année j'en ai pas vu beaucoup

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خیلی عالی بود لطفا پیج منم دیدن کنید

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@karami7921پیام خصوصی دادم دایرکت چک کنید بزرگوار

@claudiaarel 9 hours ago

Pretty sure those are tulips

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Sentimento falso @pedrovictorsimao

@nyansword_yt 1 hour ago

You are going to die or not by the spikes or if there's non

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Que hermoso

@magaly_pino 1 hour ago


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