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To be continued... @michaelbjordan

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@k.chattree31 4 weeks ago

@priyahardacre us bothering cain ahahahahah

@rasha_amr 4 weeks ago

@ghadakh96 😍😍😍

@tarekstevens 4 weeks ago

@miss_aleshe you are amongst them already

@o.shanay 4 weeks ago

Them two look like the best of friends😊

@_slim_njosh 4 weeks ago


@iam_dtamara 4 weeks ago

Love @lupitanyongo

@may0029 4 weeks ago

Marry him!! πŸ˜‚

@vintage.me.back 4 weeks ago

I have watched this clip several times. it's too funny! ohh the facial expressions and irony. those three need a comedy movie together.

@nickyvankets 4 weeks ago

@lupitanyongo πŸ“₯ πŸ‘†πŸ»love this story πŸ‘ account πŸ•“ 🌻

@haniyeeeeee85 4 weeks ago


@mattheusasm_ 4 weeks ago

@imanext ik zei toch dat ze beter bij elkaar passen

@imanext 4 weeks ago

@mattheusasm_ oke......... ik geef je gelijk hahahhahaha

@apriledwardsiii 4 weeks ago

Congratulations on your film oscar nominations!!!!! ❀️

@tony79296 4 weeks ago

Both y'all fine

@erosbas 4 weeks ago

Hope to see you at the oscars and vanity fair this year again in real 😊 - with prince m. from germany 🀴- our movie "never look away" is nominated twice! πŸ† fingers crossed! 🀞

@latishapskinner 4 weeks ago

Sista we will always be sistas no matta ha much money we make. love the eldest lady in the move, it was so good i walked out!

@bobo__rider 4 weeks ago

Our gyal lupita we love you so much... kenia

@jenni_newnew 4 weeks ago

Beautiful ladies

@ayalastudioartists 4 weeks ago

I love this!

@rx_lxxv 4 weeks ago

@rltxo 😭🀣😭🀣

@lolk.and 4 weeks ago

I love u guys so much w*f

@vascor107 4 weeks ago


@esekafashiongangs 3 weeks ago

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯black panthere !!!✨✨

@actorpavelshatu 3 weeks ago

When i see your post i believe in change like hire 50%women challengeπŸ‘‰link in bio @actorpavelshatu

@pupsicolaa 3 weeks ago

@danielle_mccullough i would too! πŸ˜‚

@jesus_valentine 3 weeks ago


@omuniquee_ 3 weeks ago


@22milla_nur 3 weeks ago

I like your skin so much, they are glowing πŸ˜πŸ‘‘

@nina_dago 3 weeks ago


@hubbardiceberg 3 weeks ago


@linguere_in_fll_ 2 weeks ago


@loyalty.zi 2 weeks ago

Marry me i’m 19

@fentsemay 2 weeks ago

@melaninqueensonly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@boisdort 2 weeks ago

😍❀️ back again lupi

@boisdort 2 weeks ago

And great couple with jordan bm

@papettimai 2 weeks ago

I just love this video so much lol y’all are awesome love you

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