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Last night in santa clara, california, the university of alabama (@alabamafbl ) played clemson university (@clemsonfb ) in the college football playoff national championship (@cfbplayoff ) game.
whether you’re all about that #rolltide or were #allin for the night’s big winners, tune in to our story to see what the scene was like at levi’s stadium. 🏈

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@mhmd86167پیام خصوصی دادم دایرکت چک کن برادر

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Very nice

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They won😮😮😮😍😍😍

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Bring closefriends back !!

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Azadada 👏😢😍❤️🔥😂😢kakd della😮👏😮😢

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پست های شما عالی هستند

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A real team

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للناس اللي بتحب تقرأ .. حسابي جديد محضرة لمحتوى قوي متنوع.. في نبذة عن المحتوى في الهايلايت شوفوه للحساب مو ضروري تعملو فولو رأيكم اهم ❤️❤️🔥

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Bom dia lindos

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Ngm me quer @pedrovictorsimao

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Oie, da uma passadinha no nosso perfil e conheça nossos serviços

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Mentiras @pedrovictorsimao

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Guy's that's what's up

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Go tigahs! great win. someone asked "how do you bury an elephant? answer: you dig a hole 16 x 44. then stuff him in it!

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