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The finished version of this beastie πŸ™ƒ so happy with how it turned out! do you guys like this drawing style?
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@tyrocular 4 weeks ago


@drea_arts 4 weeks ago

Wow! very impressive! lovely work.

@oregonchef 4 weeks ago


@darkportalappareltx 4 weeks ago

Uggh the symmetry 😍

@shaimandala 4 weeks ago

Finally!! so beautiful πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

@akhileshoninsta 4 weeks ago

Wow πŸ‘

@mandalatoons 3 weeks ago

Wow. i’m blown away, this is incredible work πŸ’ͺ🏻

@ennayybee 2 weeks ago

They need to link to your account on the instagram post they just uploaded!

@fletch_222 2 weeks ago

Wow this is amazing. i wish i could do that!!

@anovapho 2 weeks ago


@lhulotte 2 weeks ago

Your works is absolutly amazing !!! incredible ! i love it !

@sashaa_r13 2 weeks ago

@rob.c.art try getting a fountain pen and using that! 🀩

@shellpoll26 2 weeks ago

Absolutely love this @rob.c.art this would be an amazing tattoo!!! ❀️

@httaraujo_ 2 weeks ago

I’m loving for this art! 😻

@fantasied_bby 2 weeks ago

Omg i beyond love thissπŸ˜πŸ’›

@fantasied_bby 2 weeks ago

I wannna learn how to do thiss😭

@ride_with_vlad 2 weeks ago

Omg. this is amazing. must take ages to create!

@makeyourmark_fitness 2 weeks ago

@dmvegas wow incredible

@naiara_doherty 2 weeks ago

I want to tattoo this!!! ❀️♥️

@_miilopez_ 2 weeks ago


@oeevee 2 weeks ago

Omg i love this more than i should. is it a commission?

@rodrigocornes 2 weeks ago

Wow man, this is just f... amazing!!!
how long did it take?

@shubhra_5 2 weeks ago

Hi robbie!! which pen do you use for this work ??

@nicoleinglishyoga 2 weeks ago

I saw you doing this one in the igtv vid and the shading is incredible

@sf.sofia 2 weeks ago

Amazing art 😍😍

@rob.c.art 2 weeks ago

@oeevee it wasn't a commission no! so still available to purchase πŸ˜„drop me a message ❀️

@_xsylviaa 2 weeks ago

This is amazing😍😱

@sweetheartangel 2 weeks ago

I want this tattooed on me so bad. it’s way cool!!!!

@lunar_equus_art 2 weeks ago

Wow. i've been wanting a tattoo of something very similar to this on my back!

@just4youwoodcraft 1 weeks ago

How many of those pens do you go through?

@saraelshaer2 1 weeks ago


@pazpranois 1 weeks ago

@n.o.t.i.v.a.g.o ai meu deeeeeeus

@bradleys_gram 1 weeks ago

Love the trees and mountain in the middle of the geometric work. how can i get a print of this?

@vt_native7 1 weeks ago

@craft_concepts you would be good at this

@jeppe_lund_dk 6 days ago

Love it

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