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hello, world! today’s #weeklyfluff stars two spotted pals: pingo and nina (@pingoeninadalmatians ). they have some big differences: pingo hates to get dirty and nina loves the mud. pingo loves to sleep; nina loves cognitive games. but, even still, they’re best friends. “dalmatians are happy dogs,” explains pingo and nina’s human, adriana, “full of personality and always ready to adventure, whether on the beach, in the mud, in the grass, with a ball or with just a twig.”
check out today’s story and our igtv channel to see what life is like in rio for this pair.

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Hahahaha amo

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Love this picture 🐶🐾❤️

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Que lindos

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هل مجوج

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❤️ happy dogs

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Lindos animais 💡🐶🐶💡

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My papa

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I love dogs

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Che cuccioloni

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I love dogs

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