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Photo illustration by @sophiejanephoto
sophie jane (@sophiejanephoto ) captured this photo of her son after a trip to maungauika/north head historic reserve, a former military defense site in auckland, new zealand, with a series of underground tunnels. “my son had been soaking up all the history of the place and was standing inside one of the forts afterwards quietly considering it all,” says the photographer. “the underground tunnels are very eerie, and i wanted to bring some of that feeling to the image. i knew superimposing a reflection of the scene my son might have been imagining would be perfect for adding dimension and telling a story.” #whplayers

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Love this 💖💖💖

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Mbak hania

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Nice attributes

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Nice work👍

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Skeldldlebwlehwü söz bdlndps

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@ninnii.q i just wanna talk please

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Once upon a princess peyton forest elementary

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I can’t decide that i liked this photo because of composition or place but it is really good✌️😍

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это секретный агень

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Beautiful out look

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Nicht verstecken ist ungesund

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There's a lot going on 🇺🇸🎣🐾🐝🐞

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پیجم فالو کنید ممنون

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