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Illustration by @sublinhando
today, we’re celebrating #worldkindnessday with são paulo-based illustrator patricia leda (@sublinhando ). “world kindness day is a special day to remind us that we are not alone, that we are loved by our friends and our family,” she explains. “it’s an opportunity to say something special to the people we like. it’s like a little reminder that we need to practice this every day.”
head to our story to see the templates patricia created for today’s holiday ❤️, then spread some kindness with the people in your 🌎.

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@arshin.group 5 days ago

خیلی لایک داشت .لطفا پیج منم دیدن کنید

@_she_nae_nae_ 5 days ago

@alexanderrcharles lol your like a reverse feminist, getting offended for the smallest things

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@saidov_7709 4 days ago

Gapa z

@saidov_7709 4 days ago


@saidov_7709 4 days ago


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@maks_kisko 4 days ago

Искусство ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

@kaan102938 3 days ago

Şişman olan belinay

@hamid_reza6i 3 days ago

@30.29144دایرکت چک کن

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@jakrawut7845 3 days ago


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@mohantysukanta500 2 days ago

Hey saopaulo girls sukanta frm india wish you good morning

@lanadhargam Yesterday


@akashsingh22019 Yesterday

@instagram 😍❤️ follow

@ki_rill6175 Yesterday

Отряд фиминисток)

@maks_kisko Yesterday

Нормально так ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

@noyaoffir Yesterday

תגידו אתם אמיתיים לזה אתם עושים לייק בבקשה זה זה סוג של איך להגיד את זה זה מגעיל ומשעמם השתעממתי פה תשימו לי פה משהו אתם יודעים משהו טוב יותר עדיין יש לכם הרבה אימונים תעבדו קשה שמעתם

@romaprincess 23 hours ago


@romaprincess 23 hours ago

Vary good 😮

@8a41770e59 20 hours ago


@8a41770e59 20 hours ago

م نهال لدن ما رظا7😢❤️

@8a41770e59 20 hours ago

هل هو خفن نبي تؤلف ظبخلظ7لنع ل❤️😮

@8a41770e59 20 hours ago

هلزهز جحختروهارهبصىالى❤️😢

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