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meet los angeles-based wellness enthusiast lee tilghman (@leefromamerica ). twenty-eight-year-old lee is a self-proclaimed blogger, writer, photographer, workshop teacher, speaker and, yes, even human. “i was first introduced to the wellness space because of my struggle with an eating disorder between the ages of 16 and 18,” explains lee. “at 18, i started to learn what it felt like and what it looked like to treat my body with respect. that spurred a whole journey — i’m still on it now — of discovering and researching and really just playing along with different lifestyles and different ways of thinking and activities that made me feel my best... i know how to put my needs first, which is something that i didn’t necessarily know how to do before. and i feel confident and sure enough in myself to make those decisions and choices so that i can operate at the best possible version of myself.” learn more about lee’s self-care practice today on our story.

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@trinitaria2106 4 days ago

Muy buena toma

@paramjit377 4 days ago

Amazing beautiful eyes sweet smile perfect style like it

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@candy___crush02 3 days ago

Natural beauty is thiz ....guyz uh both love it or not?

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@moodygeorge 3 days ago

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@martin.blancasan 2 days ago


@martin.blancasan 2 days ago


@natylainez567 2 days ago

You look okay

@kwakubavire 2 days ago


@zahraabbasi165 2 days ago


@maks_kisko 2 days ago

Жизненно ✌🏼😌✌🏼

@enockwillaims 2 days ago


@unpaintedhuffheins 2 days ago

You know you're a native californian when you see this photo and the first thing you think is, "omg, you can't pick california poppies!!! $10,000 fine!!!" i remember being a little girl and seeing the signs on the roadside about it and thinking it was one of the worst crimes imaginable.

@alessandrosouza18729 Yesterday

Biaggio jdbk

@alessandrosouza18729 Yesterday

U fuji li u

@alessandrosouza18729 Yesterday

Iuri italiano y jango o é chocolate gwgk😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

@alessandrosouza18729 Yesterday

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@alessandrosouza18729 Yesterday

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@alessandrosouza18729 Yesterday


@alessandrosouza18729 Yesterday

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@nandhini_sivadha 14 hours ago


@sa.mson2018 12 hours ago

@alessandrosouza18729 honest by example you too good and kind

@sa.mson2018 12 hours ago

You kind and honest i love you

@mstfrsln50 11 hours ago


@2000x20 11 hours ago

It is very beautiful😍😘

@acgnoreg 9 hours ago


@hamidwboussalm 8 hours ago

Look nice 😍

@gufran.raaj993523 6 hours ago


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@arminshakarami80 3 hours ago

Los angles😶😶😶😶😶😢

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