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“i like the idea that we can do things by ourselves and don’t have to buy everything,” says illustrator, designer and #diy enthusiast ira sluyterman van langeweyde (@iraville ). “self-made things are more special and valuable. for me, it’s much more fulfilling to paint into a sketchbook i have bound myself, with watercolors i have made myself.” ira finds inspiration for her watercolor illustrations in a number of things: picture books, animated films, small towns, idyllic scenes of everyday life.
this month, she is participating in flow germany’s (@flow_magazin ) #diynachten project. every day in december, flow will reveal a new tutorial for a diy gift — just like a christmas advent calendar. spoiler alert: ira’s self-made gift is a watercolor bookmark. “i like to read myself,” she says. “also, i thought it would be a good idea for making book presents more unique.” 🎁🎄

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Aku suka🙌

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Beau, bel, belle et magnifique !

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@allsawagh دششش خاصص

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Que hermoso dibujo

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I am also a good artist

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What a great piece of art 😍

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Nice art

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It’s so pretty did you draw that

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