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“makeup has definitely helped me realize who i am and who i want to be,” says ivan lam (@ivanbaaaaah ). “it’s helped me express what i truly feel inside on the outside. that’s super important to me. i think everybody should be able to express themselves fully without judgment. i’m so glad that i got to do this with makeup. it’s been a journey, and it’s definitely helped me a lot as a person.” 💄💋
watch ivan’s #howtoselfie tutorial on today’s story, and learn more about his connection to makeup on igtv.

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A good wife comes from the lord. and you are

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Cool love it

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@paulo.happiness سلام

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@ftm.4660 بابا هزار درمان زده تا اینجوری شده

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@jymbw98 راست میگی

@jymbw98 last month

@ftm.4660 نا بابا شوخی کردم 😉

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Lindo ficou um amor muito bom adorei ❤🇧🇷

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Parece un maniquí @instagram

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Good picof you

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Beautiful face 🤗

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@_lj.morikawa 🚫💏🚫

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@itsmejojozakaria two genders only

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والله لوني نحجه وياقع نيجن امجرار ذي

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Bonjour monsieur

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She is a girl

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