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for a monday pick-me-up, take a break with some #asmr magic from jay kang (@snoopslimes ). it's on our story right now.

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@frtwsysjad729 7 hours ago


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Is the best slime😍❤️!!!

@halle.sturgis 6 hours ago

Can you please answer how to take down an old account that you don’t have the password to?

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What the hell?

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Ааааааааааааа круто😍ккорп

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Gt please

@by.video_61 2 hours ago

Gt please

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Very good

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@mehitsblanca_24 i'll be ur dislike button

@mehitsblanca_24 2 hours ago

@itismekaley i’ll be yours too!! twinsies!!!

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@laffing_gas because people like it and they actually do it instead of talking about doing things that they “could” get rich off of lol.

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Awesome 💞💞💖

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That looks like a silicon b****t implant.

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Te gusta los slime

@paola_diaz1009 1 hour ago


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