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for a monday pick-me-up, take a break with some #asmr magic from jay kang (@snoopslimes ). it's on our story right now.

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@resouza 2 weeks ago


@jusyoll 2 weeks ago


@ray_machadoo 2 weeks ago

@adaboaventura.adv aí jesus se valentina vê isso vai querer kakakak

@aryaprakhar 1 weeks ago

@the_indecisive_scribbler ye bik gya hai instagram

@allyambryn 1 weeks ago

❣❣❣ @monalisasinagaaa

@allyambryn 1 weeks ago

Belikan itu aku ya @monalisasinagaaa

@monalisasinagaaa 1 weeks ago

@allyambryn mau brapa kau,sebut aja 👌

@adaboaventura.adv 1 weeks ago

@ray_machadoo 😂😂😂😂😂

@areiraniyahcole 5 days ago

It took long enough to mix the dang glitter

@dank_man_x 4 days ago

Is everyone autistic or something? what gives with these d**n videos everywhere

@abdv.m 4 days ago

Слюнки потекли

@lissiedolores 4 days ago


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@rayanraya305 3 days ago

Dj dj

@rayanraya305 3 days ago


@_kayla_rachel_ 2 days ago

Go jay!!! ilysmmmmm, i bought from you!!! @snoopslimes @snoopslimes @snoopslimes

@marinka_11345 2 days ago

Можете сказать как это делать

@haniiiharini24 Yesterday


@aloha.buggy 20 hours ago

Soooo cool

@aloha.buggy 20 hours ago


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