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Photo of @eljuanpazurita by @bryant
today, we're celebrating #díademuertos with the one and only juanpa zurita (@eljuanpazurita ). 🌹💀🌹
on today's story and our igtv channel, see juanpa transform into “la catrina" skull makeup, and learn more about his connection to this sacred day. check it out now.

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@mercy.katw Yesterday

No i'm am worried about you and then

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@m_.st65 Yesterday

حساب جديد😢

@thisisyazdan Yesterday

Perfect dude ❤️🔥

@jerry_6739 Yesterday

Nice set of teeth. who is your dentist?

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Is this a imig on line

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Rambut ke taik

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لطفا فالو

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Good outfit !!

@luxurious.ragdoll 18 hours ago

Super stylish! 😺💙

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Nice 💪

@maher.chowdhury.14 18 hours ago

Very bad

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@reginamunoz3576 42 minutes ago

Quiero uno

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