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Nestled cosily in the side of windmill hill on the parham park estate, the ice house is not easy to see from the drive and does somewhat resemble a gnome dwelling. in fact it dates from the second half of the 18th century, and would have been filled with ice collected from the ponds in the park during the winter months. packed in straw, the ice could survive during the summer months, and be used in the kitchen of the house to make cold desserts...

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@countrypilgrim 3 weeks ago

@jessrmchugh 🤗😘🤗

@elainebrown3376 3 weeks ago

Magical 💕💕

@tysbays333 3 weeks ago

I love old doors, the stories they would tell...

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How interesting 😊😊... bilbos house comes to mind 😄😄

@countrypilgrim 3 weeks ago

@tysbays333 indeed, secret conversations, snippets of life.....

@countrypilgrim 3 weeks ago

@neilpatrick59 imagine how cold it would’ve been collecting the ice! 😨

@countrypilgrim 3 weeks ago

@juesgems59 yes, magical little doors set the imagination off....🤔

@neilpatrick59 3 weeks ago

@countrypilgrim and astonishing that it would survive the summer months!!

@countrypilgrim 3 weeks ago

@neilpatrick59 i know, a very early fridge. i’m just glad some things have changed over the years.

@juesgems59 3 weeks ago

@countrypilgrim 😊😊👍

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Wow! this resembles a fairy tale setting! love the history! ♥️

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Just me, loving both the big picture and the fine detail of natures rich canvas. So many colours and textures to choose from, captured on my iPhone.