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Mongolia, the book on kickstarter | only 5 days left (link to the page in my bio)

portrait of young herders against a white paper backdrop. south of khövsgöl lake, 2006. it has been a lot of small decisions i made everyday over the years like "do i buy a car or do i save for the project?’ or ‘do i go out with friends for dinner; or buy clothes; or do i save for a trip to mongolia?’ essentially, every extra dollar was given to the project. i funded the majority of the trips to mongolia myself beside a few times i was assigned to go to work for a magazine. all the commercial jobs i had nyc, i saved that money to work on the book. from all of the flights, to hiring my guide, drivers, paying local hotels, food, processing the film, and equipment, i funded everything. seen in that perspective, it can appear to have been a lot of sacrifices, but it did not feel like that to me as i really felt a sense of urgency to complete the project and make the book a reality. maybe that was related to the history of the country with my family, or a way to say thank you to those people and that country. —

an image from my new book “mongolia” about to be released after working on the project for the past 17 years. 185 images spread over 252 pages, shot over 13 month-long trips. foreword by #picoiyer and art work by @mrwilley. click on the link in the bio to purchase a copy of the book or a print at a discounted price on #kickstarter until october 25th #mongoliathebook #mongolia #fredericlagrange #buirlake

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One of my favorite 📸😍

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Great work frederic.

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Your sacrifices have been repaid this book is really amazing!!

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Amazing shots!

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Amazing shots. congratulations

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Your photos are heaven 😍

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Amazing 👌🏻

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@magdasimon56 thank you

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@ndragun 🙏🙏🙏

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@luciamdd520 🙏 thanks, it feels very nice to finally hold the final result in my hands

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@ruben_m_r thank you!!🙏

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The faces of mongol people look so beautiful!

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