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Mongolia, the book on kickstarter | only 6 days left (link to the page in my bio)

making stops as we traveled all around the country, we made hundreds of encounters, strangers who became friends, some life stories more memorable than others, sometime i shot a portrait, a small slice of life of what happened then. on this image, a portrait of a local herder i shot in ulaangom, western mongolia
an image from my new book “mongolia” about to be released after working on the project for the past 17 years. 185 images spread over 252 pages, shot over 13 month-long trips. foreword by #picoiyer and art work by @mrwilley. click on the link in the bio to purchase a copy of the book or a print at a discounted price on #kickstarter until october 25th #mongoliathebook #mongolia

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@jennymyrberggip October 2018

Love this pic 👌🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️

@hannahdrinkard October 2018

The depth and character of this photo is amazing!

@_paigemeredith_ October 2018

I saw fred astaire when i first glanced at this.

@anouchkablatnik October 2018

Wow this guy has presence ! what a picture .

@travisgillett October 2018

Frederic, this is beautiful

@iamasnobb October 2018

Que cojones!

@lily.alssen October 2018

Lovely post

@mercedeschiesa October 2018


@matchbookjules October 2018

Mongolian bing crosby

@fredericlagrange October 2018

@_paigemeredith_ never saw that before, but definitely could be

@_paigemeredith_ October 2018

@matchbookjules yes. i think this is what i meant.❤️

@lovenotestravel October 2018

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@valentinacanigliadp October 2018


@adventurisem November 2018

The detail in this is incredible. bravo.

@elenalyashchenko4 December 2018

Блестящий портрет!!!Браво!

@bazyli0 December 2018

с фотожопом перебрал,у них не может быть зеленых глаз,серых,голубых!

@nikki_toole_photography December 2018

Incredible series 🙌🙌🙌

@paulmcoteart last month