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Nolan was a master of minimal gesture or expression for maximal effect. in this instance the eyes have it. sergeant kennedy is wide-eyed while ned and the gang look glazed and disconnected. two guns cross one another, amplifying the idea of two ‘warring’ factions. although it is often said that nolan championed the underdog (ned kelly), his own grandfather was a member of the police force involved in the chase. nolan recognised that suffering came to families on both sides.
the ned kelly exhibition will close 12 november at agwa. catch nolan's masterpiece series before it leaves perth.
image credit:
sidney nolan
stringybark creek 1947
from the ned kelly series 1946 – 1947 enamel paint on composition board 90.70 x 121.50 cm
gift of sunday reed 1977
national gallery of australia, canberra

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