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Mongolia, the book on kickstarter | only one week left (link to the page in my bio)

i took my first trip to mongolia in late august 2001. there was not much happening back then and the country was not as popular or as documented as it is today. just 11 years after the berlin wall had been torn down and all of the soviet block had exploded, mongolia was slowly waking up from those soporific decades spent under soviet command and was slowly discovering democracy and capitalism. there was a lot of confusion and chaos in the capital city. i remember being very intrigued by the desolation some parts of the capital city displayed. the typical soviet era architecture of the buildings was a particular visual fascination in its inhuman concealment. all of that, as a westerner was a complete novelty. i could see and understand how a political regime could affect people’s every day life and psyche. that was fascinating. then the drastic contrast once i drove only a few kilometers out of the city, where it was a natural glory. the mongol countryside was the opposite of the whole linear organization of space and geometry that the soviets had tried to inflict in the cities. nothing was to be found there, and that was such a relief from the oppression of the cities. once in the immense expanse of the countryside, i could see for miles and miles, in all directions. all around me it looked like a rothko painting with three layers: the grassy ground, the remote mountain lines and finally the blue layer of the sky. all those elements made mongolia a truly unique place i had never seen or experienced anywhere else in the world. on this image, camels grazing in the vast landscape near üüreg lake, western mongolia
an image from my new book “mongolia” about to be released after working on the project for the past 17 years. 185 images spread over 252 pages, shot over 13 month-long trips. foreword by #picoiyer and art work by @mrwilley. click on the link in the bio to purchase a copy of the book or a print at a discounted price on #kickstarter until october 25th #mongoliathebook #mongolia

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Your captions are as powerful as your images.

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Wow! beautiful shot💚📷

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@fredericlagrange amazing!!!! 💛💛💛

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Can’t wait for ours! 🖤

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Will the book be available in europe?

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What gorgeous light!

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@desiree_mattsson 🙏🙏🙏

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@murphy6730 it’s available through kickstarter with a discount until oct 25th and can be sent to you anywhere in europe

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Incredibly beautiful 😍

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Gorgeous shot of a country i'd dreamt of since i can remember and with which i fell in love in person in 2008. i didn't get to see the early transformation but i have witnessed this more recent one... i tried to do my tiny, useless bit to open up the country's choices beyond those imposed upon its people by foreign "experts" ... i failed, spectacularly. it's wonderful to see such a deep and loving view of mongolia. i can't wait to get my hands on your book. thank you for your gorgeous and important work.

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Gorgeous book!!

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I‘m in awe. your work is so touching. every single photograph tells its own story. thx

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Beautiful shot ✨

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Terrific 👌🏻❤️‼️

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Magnifique 👏

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So. good!!

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What a wonderful combination of colours!

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Stunning. cannot wait!

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Your project is very inspiring and the shots are amazing!

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Wonderful images, hope your book will be as successful as hamid sardar's mongolia book...

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@bukharanewyork hamid’s book is beautiful. he has great knowledge of the country as well. i met him back at christopher gierke camp a few years ago.

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@larissapychlau thank you!🙏🙏

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@sdadich coming soon scott!

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@karos_schwester thank you! 🙏🙏

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@leijola thank you! wonderful to share such interest for that country

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So incredibly beautiful

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These colors. beautiful