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hello, world! it’s time for a delightful dose of #weeklyfluff, brought to you by loulou (@loulouminidachshund ). this 1-year-old little lady hails from the netherlands and (as you can see) loves spending time with new friends. to see loulou in action at home, check out our story and our igtv channel now.

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@cmariacruz44 4 days ago

Me gusta bello😋😊😀😅😃😄

@vovanprime 4 days ago


@marianitacruz2307 4 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwww its so cute ❤️

@yolandamariacaldeir 4 days ago

Que lindo!!!

@yolandamariacaldeir 4 days ago


@carolinaru034 4 days ago

Q ermoso

@ali_hossein_tavakoli 4 days ago

میشود مهربانی را از حیوانات هم آموخت. علی توکلی.

@hawariameslem 4 days ago

سبحان الله

@nadia_s_alves 3 days ago

@naomi_de_sousa que amor 💜

@merysanhuezaortega 3 days ago


@mazcla 3 days ago


@angelitapanarelli 3 days ago

Muyyyy buenoooo

@mashuta23.11.2010 3 days ago


@o.isadorade 2 days ago


@helenawhitington915 2 days ago

Oi roberta filha que docurinha

@gingerjones66 2 days ago


@maks_kisko 2 days ago

Малыши 🐾✌🏼🐾😀✌🏼

@patty.wamble Yesterday


@lsraelssonskan_69 Yesterday

ååååh so sweet!!!!.....💜🐾🌺🐥🐾🙏🏼🇸🇪🌏

@terka6733 Yesterday


@danihache85 Yesterday


@elisabethkruskopf Yesterday


@daniela.darosa.378 Yesterday

Oh my god so adorable and cute

@the_dreamhunte_r 15 hours ago


@katiamartinsdeabreu 15 hours ago

Beleza de vídeo, uma preciosidade ❤🕊 adoráveis e encantadoras criaturinhas 💞🌹🐕🐾🐾🦆💞🦆💞🦆💞🦆💞🦆💞

@nikhilsharma7948 13 hours ago


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@paty91melo 7 hours ago


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