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hello, world! it’s time for a delightful dose of #weeklyfluff, brought to you by loulou (@loulouminidachshund ). this 1-year-old little lady hails from the netherlands and (as you can see) loves spending time with new friends. to see loulou in action at home, check out our story and our igtv channel now.

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@showmemamablog 8 hours ago

Too cute ❤️😊

@mnkorneeva34 8 hours ago

Какая милашка 😻😻😻

@sineadgallagher98 8 hours ago

@shereenpyper oh my god! 2 favs

@jotasousaap 7 hours ago

Que fofuras..😁

@ali_tx_960 7 hours ago

وا خدا چقدر نازههههه

@kendravargas4 7 hours ago


@lologuzman16 6 hours ago


@my_life_20_my_story 6 hours ago


@regiane.dejesus.1422 6 hours ago

Que bonitinho um cachorro cuidado de patinho😍😮😮

@kerisedouglas 6 hours ago


@ariella.raven.smith 6 hours ago

2 ducklings 1 dog!

@olszewska346 5 hours ago


@aomnawahpus 5 hours ago


@santana__gab 4 hours ago

@naah260 tmb queroooo❤

@mkhawaja2018 4 hours ago

So cute

@cristiancastrocc 4 hours ago


@diigandolfo 4 hours ago

@laranesteruk vi que vc curte vídeos de animalzíneos. olha que fofos 😍

@mansidubey16 3 hours ago

@virgoarchie ladki hai vo stupid!

@deboraschwartz_ 3 hours ago

@aptedy lembrei da maju 😍

@sombraprofeta 3 hours ago


@officialmemes08 2 hours ago


@_brianna.hassenflug_ 2 hours ago

Oh my gosh 😍😍💕💕💕

@debraamenabarzender 1 hour ago

Q bonito perritooo 😍

@ambaimegan94 1 hour ago


@kingcairo_510 1 hour ago

@britehobbit hum bhi manta cuddling 😆

@amirjakar 22 minutes ago

و هم اکنون کامنتای دخترا رو ببینید

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