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Weekend hashtag project: #whpseasonal come rain or shine, this weekend’s challenge is to make images and videos that capture the spirit of the season in your region of the world, as in this featured photo illustration from sandra (@salufi ). here are some tips to get started:
focus on details that represent the season. for example, a single red leaf can represent fall, a strong shadow cast by the sun can feel like summer, or a crowded passageway full of open umbrellas can indicate the rainy season.
play with seasonal activities. get outside for apple picking, hiking or swimming, or if it’s very chilly where you live, stay inside and bundle up with your crew.
let your palette set the mood. whether it’s the changing hues of foliage in autumn, the snow-tipped mountain peaks in winter or a beachy summer day, capture the colors of the season in your photo or video.
project rules: please add the #whpseasonal hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpseasonal hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpseasonal hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.

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@sushant_jadhav03 3 weeks ago

Classic pic

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@maks_kisko 3 weeks ago

Жизненно ☀️✌🏼☀️😀✌🏼

@jeanneesther3008 3 weeks ago

J'aime bien

@jeanneesther3008 3 weeks ago

J'ai bien

@chrishemu777 3 weeks ago

I love all mercy hearts....

@maks_kisko 3 weeks ago

Круть ☀️✌🏼☀️😀✌🏼

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@roxy.colon.75 2 weeks ago

Beatifull ❤️

@saludoydespido 2 weeks ago

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@shooor1999990 2 weeks ago


@maks_kisko 2 weeks ago

Солнечно ☀️✌🏼☀️😀✌🏼

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@maks_kisko 2 weeks ago

Круть ☀️✌🏼☀️😀✌🏼

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@orickalex 1 weeks ago

That is a big lead 👏👏

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@maks_kisko 5 days ago

Жизненно ☀️✌🏼☀️😌✌🏼

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@rapha_arvi 🤭

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çok güzel ❤

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@miranda_sianturi12 14 hours ago

Bagus kayagini foto ana @sheiyyo__

@sheiyyo__ 14 hours ago

@miranda_sianturi12 semua aja tag tante😑

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