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Mongolia, the book on kickstarter | 14 more days (link to the page in my bio)

one of the most scenic and serene place in western mongolia, the beautiful tolbo lake in the bayan ölgii province. the next time you drive the 140 something miles between the city of olgii to the city of khovd, 40 miles after you have left olgii, you will pass a large lake on your right side, rather difficult to see from the newly built and randomly used concrete road. make a right at once and drive through the dirt track toward that lake. head toward the low hill on the edge of the lake. stop the car at the bottom of that hill and climb the 15 minutes walk toward the highest point. have a seat on the large boulder at the top, crowning the hill (you can't miss it): this is the view you will have of tolbo lake on a late cloudy afternoon if you go in spring, to my opinion, one of the most beautiful and serene sight in that part of mongolia. you will be your own judge. —

an image from my new book “mongolia” about to be released after working on the project for the past 17 years. 185 images spread over 252 pages, shot over 13 month-long trips. foreword by #picoiyer and art work by @mrwilley. click on the link in the bio to purchase a copy of the book or a print at a discounted price on #kickstarter until october 25th #mongoliathebook #mongolia #tolbo

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