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hello, world! it’s time for #weeklyfluff. miwa (pictured left) and non (on the right) are two french bulldogs from japan. it seems the dynamic duo has perfected their posing skills — not to mention their strong street style. for a steady stream of sweet (and sometimes silly) bulldog smiles, follow @masa.fb .

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@nellyg.roman 2 weeks ago

Que bellos

@nellyg.roman 2 weeks ago


@elita_6 2 weeks ago

@nellyg.roman 🙌👏

@elita_6 2 weeks ago


@elita_6 2 weeks ago


@leylaleyla529 2 weeks ago

Tanrim....çok tatlılar...sevmelere doyamiyorum...

@rajeshraju459 2 weeks ago

Nice friends

@shayanns13 2 weeks ago


@sadiesadiescout3 2 weeks ago

Thise 2 are adorable together

@frosildapolena 2 weeks ago

Absolutely adorable! 💕🐶

@frosildapolena 2 weeks ago


@maks_kisko 1 weeks ago

Друзья 🐾✌🏼🐾😀✌🏼

@adiveintospace 6 days ago

Cuteness overloaded...

@monica.stx 6 days ago


@nanjegowds_ds_27 6 days ago


@bobby_damage 6 days ago

Great photo 😂🙌🏿 @instagram #picoftheday

@dalriatacattery 5 days ago

Cool bro🐾

@maks_kisko 4 days ago

Кореша 🐾✌🏼🐾😁✌🏼

@egorstar14 3 days ago


@ja.yjay1980 3 days ago

You are so good

@ja.yjay1980 3 days ago


@ja.yjay1980 3 days ago


@saori8915 2 days ago


@maks_kisko 2 days ago

Друзья 🐾✌🏼🐾😀✌🏼

@trikiouria Yesterday

@nda75 putain ma hanouna y a du progrès on commence à ressembler à quelque chose 😂😂

@tamaramilichkina Yesterday

Хороши !!!

@mintaraksa Yesterday

@lindionee us

@fabianmarcoscrespo Yesterday


@yogawith_yota Yesterday

Love love love ❤️❤️❤️

@vikasnagesia 17 hours ago


@rbnmadel 13 hours ago


@xiekui8 7 hours ago


@xiekui8 7 hours ago


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