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hello, world! it’s time for #weeklyfluff. miwa (pictured left) and non (on the right) are two french bulldogs from japan. it seems the dynamic duo has perfected their posing skills — not to mention their strong street style. for a steady stream of sweet (and sometimes silly) bulldog smiles, follow @masa.fb .

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@ishbaevigor last month


@harshuraj10 last month

Changu mangu 🤘😎

@albertogomez656 last month


@saymusisa last month

They must be homies

@thiago_matosoficial last month


@aoy_yosita last month


@fireji last month

Ok 😮

@natchapeema6 last month


@tatti.gg last month

@cristhianalbanato miraaaaloooos así quiero

@kennyk_26 last month

Super cute 🤗

@putte.1952 last month


@vicky_yadav06022018 last month


@hap2hap last month

ای جونم

@kruchkovi_lena_i_yura 4 weeks ago

Сладкая парочка😍

@khatzebasileioubasiles 3 weeks ago


@aashakamdi 1 weeks ago

Cutie pie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

@zzz8949592019 1 weeks ago

Моя любимая порода💕

@ladymystery174 5 days ago


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@mnhoyuuy 5 days ago


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@andersonbisposilva9 3 days ago


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