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Photo by @angelaowens
“i am a total outsider when it comes to all things fashion,” says photographer angela owens (@angelaowens ), who recently attended hypefest (@hypefest ), a new two-day cultural festival in brooklyn, new york, that celebrates streetwear. “this was my first foray into the streetwear world. the kindness and sense of community that i met at hypefest was far beyond what i expected. the enthusiasm of the fest attendees and the approachability of the designers made for a really welcoming vibe all weekend. it was really cool to get a glimpse of how fashion and culture influence one another.”
check out today’s story to see some of angela’s photos from the festival.

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Awesome! 👏

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Midem bulandı bu ne lan bide beğenmişler

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Love u

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Follow me i take awsome pictures

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Lovely shot!

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