63 5 October 2018

Time management ‼️ with 4 classes, working 35+ hours and trying to train atleast 4 days a week it can be a lot .
but still have goals to hit no matter what comes up .
i’ve been focusing more on form and building a solid foundation, but it doesn’t hurt to go heavy every now and then to push yourself
feeling great with my progress and adjusting to get the results i want. i did 12 sets of hammers to maintain 40 50 60 70 80 90 70 50 40. then a lot of supersets fro bis tris. message me for the full workout !

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@bfirst_apparel251 October 2018

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@bfirst_apparel613 October 2018

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@marisameetsfitness October 2018

Grrrrrrrind gang

@nicoroenschfans last month

Keep it up 😈😈

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