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“bullies are the worst — and i know firsthand,” says maddie ziegler (@maddieziegler ). “being social online should be a positive, fun experience. i’m glad that instagram is committed to stopping bullies with tools like the bullying comment and photo filters. i’m proud of their commitment, and i’m also proud of the new ar effect i helped work on that spreads kindness. whether you’re shouting out your bff or a person you admire, i hope this new instagram feature is a force for positivity all over the world.”
today, we’re announcing new tools to help combat bullying on instagram. check out the link in our bio to learn more, and watch today’s story to see maddie’s face filter in action.

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Very nice

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منطز تماستو ن میمونم٠٩٠١٠١٣

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I love u

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So lovely girl thank you

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@maddieziegler y love you! ♥

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Ты умничка!!!❤️❤️❤️

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So true if a person is found to be an online bully they shouldn't bard from ever going online ever again or make it a very long time before they are allowed back on and make them have to apologise to everyone that they have hurt in person in writing and in the newspaper and in front of an audience and have to wear a sign saying that i am a cyber bully that there is what i think should happen👍

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Humm something surprise

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Sarut maniile dv. o noapte frumoasa cu vise plăcute.

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She looks good

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Ik what bullying feels like yesterday 2 kids named @noah_geneau and @andrewjb cyber bullied me, saying that i'm a waste of space on this earth and that i should slit my wrists with a rusty knife because i'm a pointless human being, all for me trying to be a nice person. 😕

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@ dev.cad03 andrew blocked me so i cant @ the right person :| if you have anything to say to him find the account andrewjb with a kid that looks like johnny test. ps that didnt mean to come out in a bad way he kinda does look like jonny test

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