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Mongolia, the book on kickstarter | 16 more days, officially half way through (link to the page in my bio)

a man is slowly approaching a truck that collapsed through the ice of the frozen khövsgöl lake early that day. at sunset, when temperatures dropped and the ice was solid once more, help arrived. diesel-powered trucks and vodka-fueled men hauled the sunken trailer out of the lake. the only light we had came from the truck’s headlights and the moon. the rescue was an example of the incredible resilience and determination i have so often seen and admired in the mongol people.
an image from my new book “mongolia” about to be released after working on the project for the past 17 years. 185 images spread over 252 pages, shot over 13 month-long trips. foreword by #picoiyer and art work by @mrwilley. you can click on the link in the bio to purchase a copy of the book or a print at a discounted price on #kickstarter until october 25th #mongoliathebook #mongolia #khövsgöl

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@milestrotravel October 2018

Love it 😍 great picture!

@luigivhk October 2018

Very great !

@veracabralesquivel October 2018


@nicolasdigard.travels October 2018

Hey, frédéric ! impressive pic. i imagine going through the ice is a fear you had in mind a lot riding the khuvsgul and other frozen lakes?

@drzylvon October 2018

Dear fred, i'm interested in getting the book but a quick computation on import taxes (to belgium) makes it very likely that getting it from ks will make it (much) more pricey than retail for me. is it going to be distributed in eu so i can perhaps get it then? very excited about that book still !

@fredericlagrange October 2018

@drzylvon hi sylvain, there is no added import tax to ship the book to belgium. the only added cost to the book price is the shipment. unfortunately i have no idea where the book will be sold in europe. the benefit of getting it through kickstarter is i will personally sign it to you and you would be directly supporting the project. also if we reach our second goal— and we are almost there—you will receive a signed press print as a thank-you for backing me. my team researched and found the most inexpensive shipping method with a tracking number keeping in mind that the book is 9 lbs. hope this helps!

@drzylvon October 2018

@fredericlagrange thanks for your reply. i'm really torn about it :) .. i want to support it but is it going to ship from the us ?

@fredericlagrange October 2018

@drzylvon all books to europe will be shipped within europe to avoid to have to pay any import tax. purchasing the book through kickstarter, i am paying the vat so buyers don’t have to. you only have to pay for shipment and the book.

@drzylvon October 2018

@fredericlagrange we have a deal, merci!

@fredericlagrange October 2018

@drzylvon cool! merci.

@ygp_production October 2018