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@jellyhero.fortnite last month


@gamatism last month

Lit as f**k

@coultrfort last month


@fortcollision last month


@fortcollision last month


@fortcollision last month


@maestrejordan last month

Am i the only one that doesn’t pay attention to the sound of their pc?

@humorbart last month

Great post keep it up 🙏😱💯

@static.kevin last month

I’ve had the same xbox one since it has came out and still works

@the_linxter last month

My xbox is still in great condition and its been over 3 years since i got it

@sethfordham last month

@aaron.derham l**o true 😂

@thanos_car_car last month

Start not puting about @xbox

@ian_yasin22 last month

When you are a squeaker and are scared of cyber bullying

@johnlock997 last month

@the_linxter congrats, you've got about 6 months left

@mygaminghub last month

Lmao smart reference

@r.roma_f.y last month

Xbox one love

@acems_ last month

Check dms❤️

@acems_ last month


@acems_ last month


@acems_ last month


@acems_ last month


@acems_ last month

Check dms

@muhdnabilhariz last month

@dannshhmmikkaaill last kali lawak lahh... 😂😂

@dannshhmmikkaaill last month

@muhdnabilhariz hahaha demi xbox

@cheekotiel 5 weeks ago

@static.kevin same bro

@marlon9_e2 5 weeks ago

My pc is a turbine even at day

@diegoardila44 5 weeks ago


@lonk_from_pensilvania 5 weeks ago

Heres an idea... look after your s**t

@carde_gabriel 5 weeks ago

The 5 slide is how i am

@lukie1418 5 weeks ago

I can already smell the salty xbox players 😂😂

@lukie1418 5 weeks ago

@static.kevin uh oh.... when was the last time you used it? 😂 how many repairs? 😂 how many lies? 😂😂😂😂☺😊😅😂

@static.kevin 5 weeks ago

@lukie1418 i used it yesterday, 0 repairs, 0 lies.

@wantaspritecranberry_ 5 weeks ago

Bro my xbox one works literally the same since i got it and my 13 year old white xbox 360 works the same as well and hasn't even rrod'd yet

@wantaspritecranberry_ 5 weeks ago

@lukie1418 smell holy c**p you must have some superhuman scent d**n

@lukie1418 4 weeks ago

@__spookymemes__ i mean the scent is very strong

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