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@gnarlyceiling32 last month

So true

@luke.grxn last month

Pc is better than ps4

@radnuggy last month


@radnuggy last month

Should have been when a pc player joins

@diogo_s.o.a.r.e.s last month

@ieuanevans1237 ahahah the guy doesn't have money for a cool hat

@ambroseasylum1012 last month

The ps4 would be the noob

@wyatt_eastley last month

I think you did something a bit wrong in this thor is meant to be xbox one and that guy who got split in half in ps4 thanks for you time!

@benji19fcs last month

@aj_king7787 i just carried 2 ps players l**o

@fachpanji last month

@alex_120699 holy s**t i dunno hav money to buy pc how the f*k man?

@_4ng3l5_ last month

Because we are the best consle players out there

@x.itz.ali.x last month

@x.itz.tarik hahah finally😂

@ddrrooppyyx last month

Oh that's over rated l**o w*f ps4 your a joke 😂 just because they joined with other systems 😂 if anything ps4 sony is a crybaby

@colingreenberg808 last month

The rock guy is the most op person in the movie

@yehboi3 last month

Playstation op

@estacaogameplay last month


@unashamed._.116 last month

Playstation players are so trash, my i haven't lost to a playstation play in a build battle yet. my friend that plays playstation said all they do is third party and all that other extra stuff.

@unashamed._.116 last month

@unashamed._.116 i was typing fast so something's in that probably don't make sense

@tobias_w2 last month

Hello, that is wrong. pc is the father from thor. not the brother.

@tobias_w2 last month

Pc is the grandpa and the king of all smartphones, tables, consol and more.

@devfefe last month

This is dope

@a_normal_shit_poster last month

Fuck pc people always say "oh yeah i play pc im a pro" but by pc they mean there mums s**t $150 lenovo laptop

@chris.dynamite last month

@kane_riseley pc with rtx 2080ti 4k 60 fps ray tracing. just saying

@turtle_pancake_ last month

@trizcorb ooooh snap

@turtle_pancake_ last month

@rilyndakota maybe becoz ur new, and get noob servers

@onlybikelife717 last month

Ps4 ain't s**t compared to pc

@davidmendezprros last month

@gamerron24 i think i have all that thanks bro

@francisco641333 last month

@trizcorb friends you don't want

@silent_staircase77 last month

Me in doom

@letimothy_ last month

@jette1605 nur leider kommst du grad nicht nh? 👀

@kane_riseley last month

@chris.dynamite bruh it cant get above 40 fps at 1080p with ray tracing

@chris.dynamite last month

@kane_riseley i was saying 4k 60 fps and it has ray tracing dint mean ray tracing at 60 fps with 4k 🙏

@kane_riseley last month

@chris.dynamite oh sorry for the misunderstanding me nigga👍

@chris.dynamite last month

@kane_riseley no worries thanks for the extra info appreciate it🙏

@thomas_southards 4 weeks ago

@austin_eason we do.

@jaysonphoenix 4 weeks ago

Lol that'd be me

@jaysonphoenix 4 weeks ago

This is like a dem vs republican convention common lol

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