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It’s very, very rare as a photographer that everything just lines up perfectly. but this was about as close as i’ve been. not only was this sunrise one of the most incredible i’ve ever seen, but those tendrils of colorful clouds seemed to reach out until they were right over the top of the two buttes. i purposely didn’t touch the color temp, tint, vibrance or saturation in the edit. this was what we saw. one of the most memorable mornings i’ve ever had. #bealpha #sonyalpha *
* @sonyalpha a7rii
* zeiss 18mm f2.8
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@louiem418 4 weeks ago


@mmeyers76 4 weeks ago

@alexhoffman thanks so much alex. it was awesome 🙌🏻

@mmeyers76 4 weeks ago

@gwyneirys agreed!

@mmeyers76 4 weeks ago

@nikkirortiz haha

@nikkirortiz 4 weeks ago

@mmeyers76 :p i was out in full force as my alter ego (@nomad.nikki ) but the 🌝 wasn’t cooperating. next time 🤷🏻‍♀️

@eman.pop 4 weeks ago

Hey man, nice capture/great feed! found your page through the torontoclx feature! keep it up 👍🏼🙌🏼

@4elemental_travel 4 weeks ago


@sicorps 4 weeks ago

Beautiful 🔥🔥🔥

@discerningksb 4 weeks ago

Imagine an oil derrick in this photo. #itcouldhappen

@sp.photos_ 4 weeks ago

Amazing to witness this sunrise mike love that you didn’t edit the colors 🔥👌🏽

@was_i_me 4 weeks ago

Great shot! 👌🏼

@babybulll 4 weeks ago


@choudhury__sahab 4 weeks ago


@marcus_aureliuz 4 weeks ago

Madness dude! best i’ve seen from here 🤘🏽

@dest0n 4 weeks ago

A f*****g sunrise!?🤯🤯

@idarine 4 weeks ago


@andreweggers 4 weeks ago

Immaculate my man! what a morning to be alive 💯

@colours_in_my_life 4 weeks ago


@dee.mike.77 4 weeks ago

Dramatic! every time i visit monument valley, the view is always breathtaking.

@david_mathey 4 weeks ago

Great shot 🔥

@hoovisyo 4 weeks ago

What a stunner! beautiful shot mike!!

@gluca90photo 4 weeks ago

Beautiful picture 😊

@zigmarillion 4 weeks ago

Incredible sky👌👌

@mewithm 4 weeks ago

😙😙 b****r dude

@th.owa 3 weeks ago

Awesome light mood in that one. great work. 📷

@jscottish 3 weeks ago

The dreaminess is real in this one

@lviv_art_photographer 3 weeks ago

Very good!

@sjoesjuh 3 weeks ago

Wow!!! 😍😍😍

@signorwolph 3 weeks ago

Such a wonderful place! i’ll be there soon or later!

@theinvertedvegan 3 weeks ago

Wow almost looks like a painting! gorgeous capture!

@anshbegmirza 3 weeks ago

Mind blowing colors.....

@leeshin_photos 3 weeks ago

Really a good shot😘😘😘

@lukeweinphotography 3 weeks ago

Just came across your page 👍🏼great feed

@painting_2002 3 weeks ago


@itsjakemurray 3 weeks ago

Gorgeous shot.

@arvisuals_ 3 weeks ago

Woah this is insane!! 🤯

@eli.27.08 3 weeks ago


@romariobro 3 weeks ago

Very wonderful!!👏🏼

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