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designer brandon maxwell (@brandonmaxwell ) developed his love of fashion in his grandmother’s high-end women’s boutique in texas. “i was surrounded by impeccably well-dressed women from a young age because of my mammaw,” says brandon. so when he decided to create a collection inspired by his home state, he and his team took up a month-long residency in the west texas town of marfa. “i already had a strong vision of texas glamour and marfa gave me the space to flush out that idea.” that spring/ summer 2019 collection was shown last weekend at new york fashion week (@nyfw ), and the texas inspiration shined bright. “marfa sunsets ignited my use of bright color,” says brandon. “pink and red have always been colors i used and this season it was about amplifying those.” other texas hat-tips were silver belts and silk scarves knotted like bandannas — and cowboy hats, carried down the runway in clear boxes with handles. at the end of the show, brandon’s grandmother joined him on the carpet. “it felt like it was full circle to bring her out for this show,” he says.

check out our story and igtv channel as we go behind the scenes with brandon and his team leading up to #nyfw. 👠

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