90 9 September 2018

Focusing on stability ‼️
maintaining my size while keeping power is very difficult but i’m able to do it with fundamental workouts .
this is one of my favorite arm workouts to super set with flat or incline chest. i haven’t been able to go heavy on flat bench because of my left front delt but still keeping my power and volume high .
arms are sitting at about 21 inches right now and hopefully growing 🤔

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@papstwins September 2018


@agzenny September 2018

I c u👀

@jpascua_fit September 2018

What a great photo🏆👏

@wayof_jay_fitness September 2018

🛡🔥💨💨 | looking good brodie

@castlea07 September 2018

Damn son!! get a trainers license already

@hagleywestwatches September 2018

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@anca.fit.eat January 2019

Nice page!

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