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in preparation for the upcoming 10-day hindu festival ganesh chaturthi, women wrap an idol of elephant-headed deity ganesha, the god of prosperity and wisdom.

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@heidi.de.rooij Yesterday

@simran_negi yes indeed, pollution

@simran_negi Yesterday

@heidi.de.rooij haha not really, the idols are made of mud now, nm good to know you care about our gods and our river ganga ☺️

@heidi.de.rooij Yesterday

@simran_negi i lived in india for 6 months and i saw it happen and they are not only made of mud. i won’t tell what stuff i saw happening you ppl do in the ganges but it’s terrible. don’t lie to ppl. i don’t care about your “gods” bcs i don’t believe in god. it is nature and global warming what i care about!!!

@talha616 23 hours ago

@sonallzz i did, thank you.

@ronitsinghkushwaha 23 hours ago


@bigprintbham 23 hours ago

👌 mak of big print birmingham

@charlesjulienatta 22 hours ago

Jai shri ganesha

@gushina.vasilina 22 hours ago

Глупа и страна

@gushina.vasilina 22 hours ago


@sofia_varveraki39 22 hours ago


@kianvangreunen05gmail.com8 21 hours ago


@kianvangreunen05gmail.com8 21 hours ago


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@ikrimatul_14 21 hours ago


@ikrimatul_14 21 hours ago


@ikrimatul_14 21 hours ago


@ikrimatul_14 21 hours ago


@ikrimatul_14 21 hours ago

@sophia_wang0511 follow me😪

@rajbeer_ 19 hours ago

Buppa moryaaaa😇

@simran_negi 19 hours ago

@leandra._.furtado why couldn’t there be more like you in this would 💕 lots of love and positive to you

@billy.fulu 18 hours ago

@leandra._.furtado i do not disrespect them. i am one who believes that god created all of us. and he made a way for us to be saved from our sins - only through jesus. i do love all people irrespective of their faith. i don't take them for granted.

@instgramturk 17 hours ago


@ndiaga.sen 15 hours ago

Vidéo kimpembe

@homemadechef2018 15 hours ago


@ak_r18 15 hours ago


@pzim_producoes 12 hours ago

Lets go

@sudarshan_chakr 9 hours ago

Elephants are adorable don't you think?

@leandra._.furtado 8 hours ago

@billy.fulu doesn't give you the right to disrespect them for you and for me and for all the christians here jesus is the only god we have faith in. it's not the same for the others they find peace in what they believe if you respect a person you should respect what they believe in

@sudarshan_chakr 7 hours ago

Which god: allah? shiva? yahweh? jesus's dad? or zoroaster??

@nadjamuzur 6 hours ago


@miss_tasleem_ahmad 3 hours ago

Ganapati bappa

@miss_tasleem_ahmad 3 hours ago

Best shayri for indian lover @miss_tasleem_ahmad

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