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in preparation for the upcoming 10-day hindu festival ganesh chaturthi, women wrap an idol of elephant-headed deity ganesha, the god of prosperity and wisdom.

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A não isso não deus me livre

@ankit8385kumar November 2018


@khushboosharma931 last month

@1joyc9099 you have no manner!

@solar_activist last month

@hechmisassou god could be find in everything. according to you, animals are not taking breath are they are not living creations. please clear your thoughts and try to find nature and it's creations beautiful. simply, your thinking is very narrow minded and disgusting.

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@lilyjones363 actually he is a male.

@heythere989898 last month

@johndluhy noooo😂😂😂 it is the beginning of a festival known as ganesh chaturti in india

@i_am_rohan_kaviya last month

Ganpati bappa moriya

@i_am_rohan_kaviya last month


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Jai ganesh deva

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@boonnimitra last month

ชื่ออะไร วิษณุ ?

@nqyb116 last month

لعنت که بود‌میفرسته

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Dillli ay🔥😍

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I want job in gurgaon pls help i can do any shift job anyone pls help me

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Ingat y kau dibut oleh allah jngn sembah patung iblis

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