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Video of @jonboogz by @randmvisionphoto
“my mission is to change people’s perception on the art form of dance and show that it has the power to tell meaningful stories and narratives,” says las vegas-based movement artist and filmmaker jon boogz (@jonboogz ). jon’s style can be described as popping and street style, but he often collaborates with people in other genres, including ballet and modern dance. “dance has the power to break down social and economic boundaries. it’s a universal language.”
recently, jon went to a dry lake bed outside las vegas to film a choreographed piece about his life. “out in the desert there is really nothing, a blank canvas, but it’s still beautiful,” he says. “growing up, i didn’t have the money to go to school for art, dance and filmmaking, so i had to make something out of nothing. the dance piece is all about using positive energy to create something great even when it seems like there is nothing there for you. you can always find a way.”
watch the full video of jon’s dance in the desert on our igtv channel. to watch igtv, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.

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Amazing that you can do that

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Its amazing that you can do that

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Song? please

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