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There is something fascinating about wandering in places you never been 🌿which places are you guys planning to explore?
#wherethesoulswander .
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@sofii.photos last month

Love this 😍

@nathaliesneepels last month

Toevallig is dat marrakech 😉

@travel_with_kimberly last month

Leuke he al die straatjes

@natashacoleman last month

I couldn't agree more! it's the best

@benbellaboo last month

Great photo! we love exploring new places 🤗

@traveltheworldnl last month

Wat een warme kleuren!

@coupletravelsndeats last month

Such a quaint little street! did you guys buy any rugs from there? 🙂

@stamped.checked last month

So true with your quote!! it is so mesmerising 😍

@gowithoutaguide last month

Lovely shades of reds and brown in this photo! i've wanted to go back to morroco for quite some time!

@wherethesoulswander last month

@l00nzie ja, wij ook 😍 geweldig hé 🙌

@wherethesoulswander last month

@brendaexplores wij vonden de plaatsen die hebben bezocht prachtig! ieder op haar manier 😍

@wherethesoulswander last month

@travelchorm dat is ook leuk!! 🙌

@wherethesoulswander last month

@fulfilyourwanderlust ny, we never been there but want to visited some day👌

@wherethesoulswander last month

@coupletravelsndeats ohh puerto rico sounds nice 😍

@wherethesoulswander last month

@letscoddi difficult, because our next trip will be the trip your doing right now 😊 do you want a city trip or longer?

@wherethesoulswander last month

@my.travelsinpics nice rome, when are going te visit rome? 🤗

@wherethesoulswander last month

@giorgis_journey we had our safety to share 1 suitcase, so we haven't got space for stuff 🙈

@wherethesoulswander last month

@nathaliesneepels dat is een leuk vooruitzicht. wanneer ga je heen? 🤗

@wherethesoulswander last month

@travel_with_kimberly jaaaa, geweldig 🙌

@wherethesoulswander last month

@benbellaboo thanks guys, enjoy your weekend 🙌

@wherethesoulswander last month

@coupletravelsndeats we shared 1 suitcase, so we didn't have enough space to buy stuff (we did it with purpose haha). we bought hamsa necklace 😊

@wherethesoulswander last month

@gowithoutaguide yes we are going back some day 2!😍

@thewellplannedwanderer last month

Off to the spanish sierra nevada next month - exploring the mountains!

@withmaarten last month

Panama and costa rica 🙌🏼

@wherethesoulswander last month

@thewellplannedwanderer thats awesome 🙌

@wherethesoulswander last month

@withmaarten ooh wat lekker zeg 🤗

@brainntravel last month

I am planning to explore a large part of asia ! super excited.

@the5feettraveller 5 weeks ago

Love the vibes in this picture! walking around narrow alleys is such a great way of exploring new places 😍😍

@wherethesoulswander 5 weeks ago

@brainntravel ohhh that sounds exciting 😍😍

@wherethesoulswander 5 weeks ago

@the5feettraveller yeah it's a beautiful area to explore! 😊

@myglobalways 5 weeks ago

Looks like such a wonderful place to explore! i’m loving the colours of morocco ❤️❤️❤️

@letscoddi 5 weeks ago

@wherethesoulswander city 😍

@wherethesoulswander 4 weeks ago

@myglobalways yes it is 🤗

@begoodtotravel 4 weeks ago

Schotland volgende week! echt zin in! maar marokko staat ook op de lijst. maar nog geen concrete plannen.

@adventuringsoles 4 weeks ago

Those rugs are beautiful! we are planning to explore scandinavia!

@wherethesoulswander 4 weeks ago

@adventuringsoles scandinavia is so beautiful 😍

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