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Alternative chest 🐦💪🏼
dealing with a left front felt injury and a slight tendinitis around my right wrist still is no excuse to miss out on my training ‼️
dumbbell chest at a slight angle targets deep in the chest muscles and i’ve focused more on control rather than sloppy sets

feeling good and feeling better with the quality of my reps rather than just going for a target . my mental muscle connection has been very clear and good . trying to drop another 10 pounds while keeping my muscle mass
70 80 95 110 120x 3 sets
i was able to b**g out 10 8 then 7 rep’s of 120 all follower with dumbbell flies tibet that squeeze . avoiding barbell bench because of the strain on my right wrist .if you want my chest workout dm me and give it a shot ❗️❗️

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Good ;)

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