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Chicago isn’t the only city with great views. but this stretch down the river is about as good as it gets. *
* @djiglobal mavic 2 pro
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@aphotok last month

Amazing shot

@a_mini_obsession last month

Chicago!! god i love that city. would love to live there someday.

@visuals_of_hr last month

Great capture📷

@yoca7 last month

Awesome picture 🤙🏿🤙🏿

@saj.noorani last month

Lovely, pls share details of your kit and exif

@maryanntim0000 last month


@autoroute.tech last month

Clean !

@ryanziolko last month

Ahhh 😍

@ekpendds last month

Sweet tones man! 🔥

@metroslisa last month

Dude this is lit!!! i am so jealous!! 🔥🔥🔥

@sick_scapes last month

Wow, love chi town! 🔥

@24.shots last month

Incredible colors! 🌅

@igaur_mpandy last month

Good !!

@stevepierre86 last month

Gorgeous!! 😍😘

@wanderingsoul_91 last month


@misslexy76 5 weeks ago


@johnjap 5 weeks ago

Nice one ! you have cool gallery too

@parrothed 5 weeks ago


@drone_smartchi1231 5 weeks ago

Nice work🤙

@lukasshlz 5 weeks ago

The lights 👌🏻🔥

@ch.arthik 5 weeks ago


@hafizhashim__ 5 weeks ago

Hometown 😍😍

@highland_boi 5 weeks ago


@highland_boi 5 weeks ago


@godzilla_production 5 weeks ago

Nice one, great skills, man !!!!!

@alpacatony 4 weeks ago

Most definitely is! i wanna visit chicago some day

@wyattgme 4 weeks ago

@mmeyers76 you are so welcome!!😊😊

@jrmcstx 4 weeks ago

Superb view of the city ! great edit too 👌👌

@aldrin.c.alexander 4 weeks ago


@sunmades 4 weeks ago

🎵dope. check my page. tell me my music sucks®

@totaltimelapses 4 weeks ago

Niceee shot! i renember these bridges from watch dogs 1! 😂 😂

@bafchi 4 weeks ago

Yo #igers i am looking for monochromatic fans at my page.

@michael_fahrney 4 weeks ago

Great night shots

@aforman_88 4 weeks ago

How long it takes you to edit photo like this one?

@sp0_ok 4 weeks ago

Sick quality

@luisjesus_76 4 weeks ago

Amazing ❤❤

@luciana00e 4 weeks ago

Stunning 💛

@eric.eis 4 weeks ago

Where did you launch from?

@debbysrn01 3 weeks ago

Amazing shot @mmeyers76 😎

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