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deri ahmad fauzi (@deriahmad ) has his feet in the clouds for #whpperspective.

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@zintanajma last month


@septian_rizky.p last month

Wow indonesian people 😍

@mehdishishebor last month

فوق العاده!

@empreendagram last month


@monaasimamora last month

Wow 😯

@parsnil__ir last month

پیج خوبی دارید

@amirooaln last month

لايك 👌🏻 دوست داري توي ٢٨ روز بدون گرسنگي و حتي بدون استفاده از دمنوش و دارو ٥ تا ١٠ كيلو كاهش وزن داشته باشي ؟ ي سر به پيج من بزن 🌹

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@jo.seph400 last month

Je kiffe 🙌🙌

@am.yegan last month


@kaditaamlbb__ 4 weeks ago

@fulvio_garofano lol...he is people indonesia's!!

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@wyd_euva 4 weeks ago

Who else just turned their phone

@mahnoor6260 4 weeks ago

Super 😍

@marcus_frizzell_11 3 weeks ago

The earth is flat

@iroda_0112 3 weeks ago

Awesome work👍😍

@maks_kisko 3 weeks ago

Нормально ✌🏼😌✌🏼

@fajri_love_nissa_kelas3d 2 weeks ago

Ko ke balik!😂

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@_ariana_sheldon_ 2 weeks ago

This is really inspiring! i’m quite proud!..

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