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Everywhere in havana is fun to shoot, but this corner was one of my favorites. #sonyalpha #bealpha *
* @sonyalpha a7rii
*sony gmaster 24-70mm
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@simoneverduijn last month

@nathaliewolfert 😍😍😍

@simoneverduijn last month

@nathaliewolfert je zal als je thuis komt een heel foto album kunnen vullen haha

@lvm1na last month

Those havana colors are amazing

@aghaamajid last month


@bartblachnio last month

Never get enough of havana shots 😎

@saj.noorani last month

Lovely, pls share details of your camera kit and exif

@igikeda_life last month

Beyond excellent! 💫🙏🏼

@shawntcanavan 5 weeks ago

Beautiful. like a painting.

@luisjesus_76 5 weeks ago

Amazing! ❤❤

@hoffler_pictorials 5 weeks ago

Great shot!

@garytagaryta 5 weeks ago

Awesome 👌

@thelevinali 5 weeks ago

Ooooomg!!! @z3frog

@metroslisa 5 weeks ago

I can see why! banger! ❤️❤️❤️

@z3frog 5 weeks ago

@thelevinali howwwwww?!

@theradahmed 5 weeks ago


@theradahmed 5 weeks ago


@mikelbz73 5 weeks ago


@4ndigoetz 5 weeks ago

I really like this mood. that‘s for me one of the rare styles to shoot during the day. just perfect!👍🏼

@maellekrvn 5 weeks ago


@frank.shoots 5 weeks ago

Nice one mike!

@frank.shoots 5 weeks ago

@made_in_hk i wanna go!

@reflectingstyles 5 weeks ago

In love

@arielthearies89 5 weeks ago

Yeah, you killed it with this trip.

@lorigavalda 5 weeks ago

Absolutely beautiful shot 💙😍👌🏻👏🏻

@x._.7 5 weeks ago


@kh_x9 5 weeks ago

@x._.7 عشان تعرف ليه اقول اني مهاجر ل كوبا

@drogonlovesdisco 5 weeks ago

I love your style

@stanmoniz 5 weeks ago

So cool man!

@_lkdp 5 weeks ago


@plumber_sakuyama 5 weeks ago


@knydancer 5 weeks ago

Because is a place full of surprises ♥️

@nikitamarshchonok 4 weeks ago


@meetandwhiskey 4 weeks ago


@aldrin.c.alexander 4 weeks ago


@_6iiima20 4 weeks ago

Follow me 🙇💕🌹

@len_tri9 4 weeks ago

Love it 😍😍

@divasdelite 3 weeks ago

One of my favourite ever destinations ! your shot brings back great memories :0)

@ftgmagazine 3 weeks ago

The colours are so nice 🙌 🙌 🙌

@dirigo67 5 days ago

"i wanted a free print"

@nacho__cats 3 days ago

Were you worried about walking around with your camera in cuba? how safe is it?

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