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hello, world! meet today’s #weeklyfluff: melvin and bianca (@bunnymelv ), two bunnies living their best cage-free life in sweden. “melvin and bianca liked each other immediately, but have two very different personalities,” says their human, felicia ohlsson. “melvin is very curious and outgoing and follows me around everywhere. bianca is independent and has a lot of energy — she loves to climb on furniture and windowsills.”
with her account, felicia hopes to educate others on keeping rabbits as cage-free pets. “the training process from caged to cage-free is quite simple but needs to be taken slowly,” she says. “but it’s all worth it, because bunnies make such great company.”

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@mariagalapago 6 days ago

@madealmag amiga mira para mildred💓💓💓

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@chupakhina.inna 6 days ago

So pretty😍

@s.beograd 5 days ago

Very byutifull!!!

@denisa2797 5 days ago


@debernardimonserrat 5 days ago

😍 son muy tiernos

@kelly.meaux.np 5 days ago

What kind of bunnies are they? they are precious.

@cutypie_linky 5 days ago

Choooo cute😘😘

@roozbeh.sh95 5 days ago


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@pa_tricia4596 3 days ago

🐱chat kaiiwaii✨

@isabellagailjames 3 days ago


@nikita2009ros 2 days ago

2 дебила это сила

@carlosblancas21 2 days ago

Estan hermosisimos😍😍😍

@toraiymzain 2 days ago

Ну и ну!

@maks_kisko 2 days ago

Малыши 🐾✌🏼🐾😌✌🏼

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@d3aje 2 days ago


@d3aje 2 days ago


@d3aje 2 days ago


@d3aje 2 days ago


@d3aje 2 days ago


@manoly.omen Yesterday


@willie.simmons.3958914 Yesterday

They got this looking good

@sky_ashish Yesterday

Nice puppy yaar

@delaunebrigitte Yesterday


@codynugget06 Yesterday

Cute, cute. i would like to chase you around. xox. cody 🐱❤️🐾🐾

@danabananaoficial 19 hours ago

Que hermosos conejitos ❤❤❤😍😘

@ddownr_com 19 hours ago

Gorgeous! love it!

@so___phie__ 7 hours ago

@lukas6227 so einen brauchen wir 😍

@hoshiyarbadgujjar 4 hours ago

So cute

@lukas6227 34 minutes ago

@so___phie__ 😎

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