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professional makeup artist and instructor mimi choi’s (@mimles ) double take-worthy illusionist looks are inspired by textures, patterns, digital art, surrealist artists (like salvador dali)… and her sleep paralysis. “this is a condition in which my body is asleep, but my mind is conscious, and i experience vivid and often frightening hallucinations,” explains mimi, who was born in macau and immigrated to vancouver when she was 13. “i use these episodes to fuel my creativity. the odd thing is that once i paint a certain look, i stop experiencing that particular hallucination. my art is definitely therapeutic for me!”
watch mimi apply one of her signature looks on our story and our igtv channel. to watch igtv, update your app, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.

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@iakuandrei 2 weeks ago

ОГО !!! прикольно 👏😂😂😂

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@d2202u2202 2 weeks ago

That's awesome and freaky at the same time.

@maks_kisko 2 weeks ago

Да ну ✌🏼😜✌🏼

@hip_hop_faysal 2 weeks ago


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@aniinhaa_clarah 2 weeks ago

Omg !!

@saheb_falahti 2 weeks ago

چه گیریم خوشگلی 😂😂

@gislenesouza789645 2 weeks ago

Adorei 👍

@cj.abate 2 weeks ago

Wow very cool 😎

@mr.samifard 2 weeks ago


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@maks_kisko 2 weeks ago

Да ну ✌🏼😜✌🏼

@astakhovaanna57 2 weeks ago

Очень реалистично

@darshan08476 2 weeks ago

Ayne ke100 tukdhe

@yaneries 1 weeks ago


@maks_kisko 6 days ago

Да ну ✌🏼😜✌🏼

@monaasimamora 6 days ago


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@paula_amaya01 5 days ago

Espectacular !!

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@cali_ryan432 17 hours ago

That's crazy❤️

@alintreabamea 2 hours ago


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