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Leg day ‼️
i’ve been dealing with hip pain and going through the spinal alignment process and had my hips realigned . 😬
goblet squats really target the quads . not in the video , but i have 5 pound plates under my heels to get an angle that really burns and works certain areas that aren’t usually targeted .
60s 75s 90s 105s all for 15 and 3 sets of 10 of the 120. 🔥 this is after your main leg lift ( squat , leg press etc)
avoiding using barbell has been hard for me but it isn’t worth long term risk with lower back/hip pain so alternatives have given me a better burn and really helped me with the cut i’ve been on for a while now .

i focused on quads today and will be posting my leg day split for male and female soon 💪🏽

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