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Nike air max 97 designed by @shin.gwang of seoul, south korea. this is the first sample of his creation; the final product will release in march 2019 during the air max day celebrations.
for a look at all the samples, tap the link in our bio.

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@jakepointoh July 2018

Question answered, nvm lol

@wavy.sm July 2018

@borian_bamos pppppfffttttt new piece to our collection?

@gp4__ July 2018

@matt_olgin @therealdirtydan_91 these are so clean

@thomasdeandesignuk July 2018

Toothpaste shoes lol how s**t are them

@w3st_s1de July 2018

@moglo_ right 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥

@bschary23 July 2018

@helloannali my bday present in 2019 haha #marchrelease

@injelee July 2018

@kkim1120 b****r

@padua__c July 2018

Nike giving people opportunities 👍

@luthervandraws July 2018

@chamnah they’ll prolly be super popular

@hendrasadino July 2018

@ayusutrianimamonto cuss gak kcc beliin momo.. tapi btw bagus coba bawah e pakek vapormax air begitu hmss melipsss

@ayusutrianimamonto July 2018

@hendrasadino kok isok milihh iku loh

@cocaina001 July 2018

You should do the medial check blue since the lateral check is outlined in red @shin.gwang 🔥🔥

@rdsalyers July 2018

@curleynj this is one of the six competing in airmax day next year

@gdolllllllla July 2018

@kevinclifton hideous

@unstopable22_ July 2018

They. mine

@eriickdimaazs July 2018

@brxnd.nsdn estas bien rifados we

@realestateseattle July 2018

@danieljohns206 these are hot fire. can't not cop anything that says #seoul on it

@_cole_howard_ July 2018

@eastcoastnap these are the ones i voted for

@lotsapproved August 2018

#lotsapproved ✔ 🔥🔥

@asap__r1cky August 2018

@rajankeshwala looking mean

@rajankeshwala August 2018

@asap__r1cky look too cold bro❄️

@rayraysshoecloset August 2018

I like the seoul on the tongue i low key mess with these🔥

@north.fresh.apparel August 2018

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@randomfacesusa September 2018


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