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The road is looking bright with this @farmacybeauty bright on massage-activated vitamin c mask πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š #boxycharm #boxyroute #farmacyroute

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@itsrosseli July 2018

I tried this for the first time and i like it, won’t say i love it because i need to try it for a month so i can see my skin. but my skin feels soft

@daniellllemary July 2018

@queen_miche that makes me mad for you!! they are so rough with all mail! my mail carrier puts it in my mailbox!

@boxycharm July 2018

@jianasponzo oh no! we are so sorry to hear that! tracking is sent to you via email within 5-10 business days from the date your payment was received. if you have not received your tracking information by the allotted time, we kindly ask that you reach out to our support team via our site help.boxycharm.com/contact so that they may further assist you with this matter ❀️

@boxycharm July 2018

@enerysp__ hey lovely! the farmacy mask was included in one of the boxy variations this month! each month, we offer different shades, styles, and products that all value over $100. our boxy ships in random batches, we are unable to control which boxy variation each charmer will receive ❀️

@mayokino July 2018

I wished i had this one instead of the dr. brant

@r.alkhalaf_ July 2018

@ang9ee mine was broken too!!!

@firehair24 July 2018

I wanted this 😒

@boudoirbeautehairboutique July 2018

Pretty awesome!

@les.parfums.de.la.mode July 2018

I actually like this mask a lot, i massage it on and put honey on top of it 🀭

@jeimystaple July 2018

Im in love with this...... 🀀 i use it 3 to 2xs a week and my skin looks amazing πŸ˜‰

@vale.terrero July 2018

@boxycharm how come i didn’t get a setting spray?

@maryannpeper July 2018

Wish i had gotten this in my box!!

@nicholesleggings July 2018

@valeria_terrero it was either the palette or the spray. not both.

@jewlz_082 July 2018

I can't wait to use it!! 😍

@shoegal2021 July 2018

Just signed up for @boxycharm can’t wait to see what goodies i will get

@the_massage_practitioner July 2018

I’d rather have some skincare products, perfumes being sent ....i didn’t receive this either

@bkeshia July 2018

@boxycharm i did not get this in my box😑😞

@sophia_williamson97 July 2018

I didn’t get this one too☹️

@__avp__ July 2018

@boxycharm i’m reading posts as i’m contemplating signing up. i saw one person comment that the brow pencil they received didn’t match their hair. the boxy charm reply directed them to the quiz to personalize. but then i read this response and it says the boxes are shipped at random. so, which is it? are they cultivated based on a preference quiz or is it random?

@__avp__ July 2018

@tattooed_angel33 thanks for the insight. i already have one subscription that never sends me the *right* shades/products (based on my selections), i definitely don’t need two! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

@tania_loves_cheese July 2018

@ransgrl24 yes they all subscribed at the same time

@rosietorresrodriguez July 2018

I see that many are not getting either the setting spray or the mask. why do u offer if it's going to be in such a small inventory. i get all excited waiting for my box to come and here i get another pallet (by the way this months pallet looks cheap and u have to use a lot to get the color)and the items that are least liked. makes me upset to think that the good items are random. i'm a bit disappointed because if u would see me i'm waiting like i'm an addict to boxycharm 🀣.

@alie_xoxo97 July 2018

My palette was broken ...

@guiltytoguru July 2018

Literally the only thing i wanted this month & didn’t get.

@lalagreen_rks July 2018

@boxycharm fedex keeps changing my delivery date!!!!!! so frustrating. please stop using that company. they are so bad at delivering items. i used to get my boxes by the 12 the latest now after the 20th. i'm so mad.....

@barre_balance July 2018

@__avp__ yes, it's true. i've never received a brow pencil, etc from boxycharm that matches my hair color. i'm brunette. i received "taupe" in this month's box.

@cficker86 July 2018

I am really loving mask thanks boxy!!

@cficker86 July 2018

@onelettertwice love it! it leaves my skin really soft and smooth and brighter and the color changing is kinda fun.

@msluanne July 2018

@__avp__ they are random. i'm not happy with the changes they've made. i love boxycharm but not sure i'll be keeping it. you can always try it and cancel if you aren't happy with it. it's still a great value

@kburm_19 July 2018

So happy i got this in my box 😍

@misstalipscreations July 2018

I did not receive this item!

@danidubrow July 2018

This can make skin more susceptible to sunburns. i would recommend not using this if you live somewhere sunny and sunscreen is not a first thought for you. i don’t not like that boxycharm would promote the use of this without putting a good facial sunscreen in the box as well.

@arrowsleadnowhere July 2018

The eyebrow product was broken in mine @boxycharm :(

@farmacybeauty July 2018


@hope2nou95 July 2018

The only item i wanted and didn't get. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@chelebell13 July 2018

I have yet to get the good box. mine is the leftovers! this is the only thing i wanted but when that’s the case, one never gets it. i literally use max 2 things out of my boxycharm boxes lately. time to cancel again. last time they got me to come back with an email showing me the best of the next box and i didn’t get most of what they enticed me with to resign back up. so frustrating!!!

@atlantaguera August 2018

I love farmacy....so happy you included it in last month's box. it's a good brand overall. never disappointed with any of their products.

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