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Travel. makeup. repeat. πŸš™πŸ€— #boxycharm #boxyroute

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@dreama_777 4 weeks ago

@chelsia.bella every boxy charmer received either the tarte skin mist or the crown eyeshadow palette. would you like to trade your tarte mist for my crown palette?

@dreama_777 4 weeks ago

@heydi18 lucky you!!! πŸ™‚

@evil_home_stereo 4 weeks ago

Wish the palette wasn't made in china and didn't smell like children's makeup. i love boxycharm but this months box is not at all what i was anticipating.

@evil_home_stereo 4 weeks ago

@juicyyyjadee can't stand this eyeshadow palette. it's so cheap and it does smell like old crayons. reminds me if the makeup i'd get from the dollar store when u was a toddler.

@grayshacuadrado 4 weeks ago

This was such a great box. i been subscribed since february and the boxes keep getting better and better.

@burrellcnc 4 weeks ago

Really loved this box!! best yet

@maria_be_me 4 weeks ago

I love this box! the mascara is amazing.

@juicyyyjadee 4 weeks ago

@evil_home_stereo i didn't even bother trying it lol

@evil_home_stereo 4 weeks ago

@juicyyyjadee i haven't yet bc it just puts me off so much. some of the shades look lovely but when i opened it both my boyfriend and i were taken aback.

@itsricki 4 weeks ago

Is there anyone who really enjoys this box? i've never heard of these brands and the products always look on the cheap side. i don't discriminate i use high end and drugstore but quality and wear is everything regardless of price.

@muhriah28 4 weeks ago


@evelynyrousters 4 weeks ago

Hi, my package was no delivered, and it was chipped back to you, please let me know what are my options, thank you

@persianlikethecat_ 4 weeks ago

Send a girl a goft

@rachel.spory 4 weeks ago

I traded for the palette. i love it. i am loving the boxes from boxycharm and have had two great trades to get what i wanted!

@msgabriellax 4 weeks ago


@_lobsd 4 weeks ago

@msgabriellax is this what you were telling me about ??

@msgabriellax 4 weeks ago

@_lobsd yes the boxy charm box

@strawberrykaty 4 weeks ago

@kayateewhy no i didnt comtsct crowne. i contacted boxycharm. they do the replacements. and i didnt take a tone with you dear.. dont read so far into it. youre looking for hate where its not being given. i was making a simple statement that you should keep the labels for any subscription box until you make sure everything is in tact.

@brittneygraeber 4 weeks ago

@libzgale here’s the last box!

@tonifashion 4 weeks ago

I received my box and i am in love with all my products

@brooksvilredneck 4 weeks ago

I did not receive my eyeshadow palette i didn't even know we were supposed to get one my girlfriend down the street gets boxycharm and asked me what i thought about the eyeshadow palette i'm like wait what we get and eyeshadow palette what do i do about this i contacted boxycharm on facebook messenger is there somebody else that i'm supposed to contact in order to get this resolved

@_michelleeee_08 4 weeks ago

I did not receive my palette, only received 4 items in my box @boxycharm

@_twistedelegance 4 weeks ago

I didn’t receive a palette in my box πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

@yeidy_87 4 weeks ago

@luzjazminsantana este llego

@reyal0v3 4 weeks ago


@sultrysole 4 weeks ago

Anyone want my palette? it’s brand new in the box, open to trading for anything. dm me

@myraanderez 4 weeks ago

@bellaaagracee thank you i bought the palette

@starslover14 3 weeks ago

@rosabean_ they are really good about this! they will send you a new palette but it has to be what i think is 10 days from the shipping date or something like that!

@starslover14 3 weeks ago

@debra_landry this month has been the only month it has happened to me. one of the eyeshadows has a fingerprint on it. i was like hmmm what is going on?

@debra_landry 3 weeks ago

@starslover14 the only thing i can think of is maybe these are unwanted, mildly “damaged” products from the companies so they’re selling them to boxycharm cheaply? like after they’re done being made workers check them and if they’re not up to par they don’t sell them? i know a few clothing companies do that. idk. seems sketch either way.

@rosabean_ 3 weeks ago

@starslover14 thank you sooo much !!

@felicitarios 2 weeks ago


@ariannyyanez1 2 weeks ago

@xxaety el mes pasado me llego esta

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