11,802 1,445 July 2018

What has been your favorite product this month? we can't decide ourselves! πŸ€—πŸ’š #boxycharm #boxyroute

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@mamabear.cobb July 2018

The eyeshadow palette for sure!

@mariag193 July 2018

@air_xcvii i want these!

@kelly_haughey_batchelor July 2018

No baggage !

@1ndonly_b July 2018

This box was horrible most boringest box ever huge disappointment πŸ˜‘

@bri_sol11 July 2018

None of them. sorry

@mrstorgenrud July 2018

Anyone else have their products come in a plain old brown shipping box? i didnt get the signature black box...just products wrapped in foam.....πŸ™„

@glitzglamglow.mua July 2018

Are we able to upgrade boxes yet, or is it still a pending concept?

@mrsmaryannthornton July 2018

@boxycharm got my 1st pallet! can't wait to see my next!

@itsvovo July 2018

@boxycharm can i get this in australia ?

@fruitsalad18 July 2018

@a.s.h.l.3.y.y why did u tag me in this? lol i actually love the cream

@d.krxo July 2018

I haven’t got my box yet :/

@simplymimua July 2018

@isainahomigustavo everyone got 5 products but not everyone got a pallet 🀷🏽‍♀️ smh i was really disappointed..

@a.s.h.l.3.y.y July 2018

@fruitsalad18 i was replying to your comment my thoughts on it ...

@glamspotbyyami July 2018

Hello my name is liz lopez garcia, they sent me my boxicharm on july 7 and when i check the track it says that it arrived but it did not arrive, the last time they sent me tracking and they never told me where i was, to see how can you help me?

thanks πŸ’œ

@shauna_163 July 2018

I’ve made several attempts to try and contact the boxy charm support because my box was sent back as “return to sender” i’m not sure what else to do but i want my box πŸ˜­πŸ’”

@jeannicolle July 2018

You guys have amazing customer service! πŸ˜πŸ’‹ thank you so much for being an awesome company.

@vixsue July 2018

I signed up a week ago and just saw a facebook promo "golden" for free samples. how can i receive those as a new sign up?

@hannahsherette July 2018

When will we get a sneak peek of the august box? i look forward to this every month 😊😚

@tido.islosinit93 July 2018

Brow product

@jellyonaplate July 2018

Will you ever be shipping to the uk?

@nancysuelen July 2018

I loved my little box.thank you❀❀❀

@bmeredith6 July 2018

@meredithc20 oooo or maybe this one since you get full size stuff

@_kelynacosta July 2018

@brenda_arita2113 esto es lo que te llega cada mes

@brenda_arita2113 July 2018

@_kelyyynnm si esa cajita es lo que me llega cada mes.

@urattraxion.mua July 2018

Hey @boxycharm i live right next to your headquarters is there anyway to get hired there?

@_kelynacosta July 2018

@brenda_arita2113 la quieroπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@brenda_arita2113 July 2018

@_kelyyynnm vos ya has visto que vienen cosas buenas y bonitas

@esr0727 July 2018

@boxycharm i am wanting to sign up, is there still a wait list?

@alexmakeuptalk July 2018

You need to ship abroad asap. i keep recommending you to people who reside outside of the us βœˆοΈπŸ’•

@klk0712 August 2018

I love everything but the pallet. not a big bright color person! love boxy charm!

@__.jlox August 2018

@salzr_ this what i was talking about you pay 25 bucks per month and you get makeup

@storyofmylifeandkids October 2018

@cristinapolo1 im going to sign up for this one instead! 😍

@storyofmylifeandkids October 2018

@claudia.polo @mihayella 😍 going for this one now

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