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Packing our bags for the weekend like...πŸ’‍🧑 #boxycharm #boxyroute

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@_mrsdlsmith_ July 2018

I’m in love with this palette and blush ...

@oohmyamandaa July 2018

I would take a cute picture of my box if my palette wasn’t broke af

@makeup_togo_by_marie July 2018

My box πŸ“¦ right here loved all products this month, that mascara has me πŸ˜‰ winking much. lol

@lovely_carolina July 2018

My exact combo! in love!

@prisizap July 2018

Love itttt!!!! @caprinashy

@resilient_diverse_n_determined July 2018

I didn’t receive my crown palette in my july box @boxyroute @boxycharm

@karina.chiqui July 2018

@kimberly.colex 😍😍

@melodiemohyla July 2018

Hello! was everyone suppouse to get the dr brandt eye cream or just some ? was it a variation?

@jessicaryanzimmerman July 2018

@jaxx.z they are sending me a new to. it is so frustrating. i know things can get lost in the mail but it isnt just us. there are to many people dealing with the same issue that we are.

@jessicaryanzimmerman July 2018

@lauren91690 i heard bad things on instagram before i signed up and thought "it has be situational" but no its not. this is the one thing i allow myslef to have each month because id rather buy for my daughter than myself. they did say they were gonna make it right but i guess we will see when it happens.

@alyinwonderland__ July 2018

@duncasss my exact box.

@marquez_bby July 2018

@_delfina_ you should get their subscription !!! you get 5 full size products & it's $20 a month! πŸ˜€

@jaxx.z July 2018

@jessicaryanzimmerman i really hope they fix the issues they are having and i never thought it was this bad until i went through it

@jademakeupmom July 2018

I sure wish i would have received this palette.. πŸ˜• a little bummed to be honest- this was the first box that i wasn't super excited over. was just kinda like mmmm whatever 😐 about it . in fact, the box is still sitting on my counter- products inside ,untouched.. i do think the blush is beautiful tho, & i do love dr brandt so i was excited about that. but the eyebrow creme product is the wrong shade for me.. just in general my box was missing that wow "omg" product. last month the entire box was awesome!! the alamar palette was def the big wow for me! and everything in there i took out & used immediately.., there wasn't anything in this box unfortunately that i was super thrilled over and couldn't wait to play with.. maybe if i would have received this palette or something it would have given this box what it needed. i still absolutely love boxycharm-& i always recommend it to anyone looking for a subscription! you guys are awesome-& i'm sure my next box will rock

@fernewbank July 2018

@boxycharm i will do that but its no real big deal i can still use the color

@desirae.denise92 July 2018

@sbperez8907 this is the crown pallet they sent me this month

@sbperez8907 July 2018

@desirae.denise92 do you have a product link? i cant find it on google :(

@albanys27 July 2018

@linnethg asi es la de mi amiga

@linnethg July 2018

@albanys27 mueeero ... mis colores tierra😒😍😍😍

@stephanymcortes July 2018

@la.chiina15 this is what my box looked like this month .

@nancysuelen July 2018

I loved my little box.thank you πŸ’ž

@_chey_chey_3 July 2018

I did not receive a palette at all in my box, are there some boxes without?

@bellaj_mama July 2018

@anaalvarez1991 -look i got this in my boxycharm this month.

@tgilmoree July 2018

@rhiannonnehez this is what i got !

@evelyn_pink July 2018

@angelnikolebailey awww thank you but i already traded with my friend at work she just signed up with boxy charm it was her 1st box.

@alaudaarvensis_ July 2018

@rubyjauh 😍😍😍

@realndfree23 July 2018

Well, i was gonna sign up for this.... but it seems like everyones palette is coming broken and theres not alot of variety... should i still do thisπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

@sincerelynosilla August 2018

I just resubscribed to boxycharm last month and i didn’t receive a palette in my box. so disappointed. πŸ˜”

@ariannyyanez1 August 2018

@xxaety me llego esto

@xxaety August 2018

@ariannyyanez1 hermosaas

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