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Target your weak areas .‼️
waiter press / post shoulder/bicep day ❗️❗️
my sophomore year i snapped my humorous in half at football practice . couldn’t move my arm at all for 2 months and about 5 months after with a lot of motivation i was able to have full movement and attempt my first push up .
i have grown to adapt to the bone cyst that had grown around my humorous and never let it stop me from sports or training .
waiter press isolates my arm to push and works my shoulders as well building overall stability with each arm . this requires balance and works the core , forearms , bicep and a little tricep when you hit the right angle .
my stability has been a weak point for me on my left arm but throwing this in my routine has definitely given me more confidence in a lot of exercises that require direct pressure on the humorous. i never let this stop me from getting extremely developed triceps and biceps .

injury’s happen with active lifestyles but deciding to work twice as hard to bounce back is what i feel like set me aside from a lot of guys my age.
proof is in results 🤫‼️

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