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25-year-old paraguayan artist lili cantero (@lilicanteropy ) hand-paints custom cleats for some of the world’s biggest soccer stars. “the process starts with the design on paper, and once it’s approved by the player, i start painting directly on the cleats,” says lili, who started her business as a university project. “from research to design to painting, the work takes approximately two to three weeks.”
of all her designs, the pair of cleats she created for argentine player leo messi are lili’s favorite. “i was thinking about stopping painting cleats, but when i handed the pair over to leo, he loved them,” she says. “that meant a lot to me as an artist, and it opened up many doors for me to continue creating. it showed me that i needed to continue to fulfill my dreams.” ⚽️ #worldcup take a look inside lili’s studio and her artistic process — today on our story, and on our igtv channel. to watch igtv, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.

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This is soccer!!

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Messi is lit the best player of the world

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Follow me please

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Mohammed salah 👑

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Por dios

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So creative artwork! 👏⚽

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ديكور تبعونا

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Mo salah 👍🏻💗

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Boskie 😍 awesome 😍

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I love the way that you take your art from paper 2 the football boot well done you're amazing i wonder if you could be a tattoo artist

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C'est un passage très difficile. mais l'intelligence humaine a pu faire cette route pour minimiser la distance. bon exemple de volonté et de citoyenneté.

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Cr7 is best 😎

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Que increible

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