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Photo by @nurielmolcho
using a double exposure, nuriel molcho (@nurielmolcho ) combined two photos from one sunset at joshua tree national park, california. “the theme #whpjourney fits what we do and search for,” says nuriel, who makes hats with his wife. “the journey is often the path that paves the way to our designs, textures and colors.” 🏜

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@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

Sara man chi begam to bavar koniiiii??? agha man asan balad nistam ba dokhtara harf bzanam, vali vaghei khodayi man kheili dooset daram , to har kar begi mn mikonam bet sabet she

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh man dooset daram, vaghean doset daram, man ashegheteam saraaaa, vagheane vaghean, to nabashi man dg hichkio nadaram sara

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh sara y chizi begooo, beza man ykm bahat harf bzanam. man chize bishtari nemikham.

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh saraaaa

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh saaaaaraaaaaaaaaaa

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh sara khanoooom

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh saraaaaaaaaa khanoooom

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh esme to behtarin esme donyae, esme toro az hameye donya bishtar doos daram.

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh ama to y baram j mano nemidi, saraaaaaaaa man kheili doooset daraaaam . kheiliiiiiii

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa javab bede

@sfgvddgrfy September 2018

@saraaa___fgh saraaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@thegeographie September 2018


@makahisyafabian September 2018

Ko bisa kaya gini

@makahisyafabian September 2018


@sujitha403 September 2018


@gulbakharsaidova September 2018


@gulbakharsaidova September 2018

🔥жэх0ф6йачакйс ызй🙌🙌

@jademitsuko September 2018


@linconfpv September 2018


@__aniket.kr__ October 2018

Amazing scenery?!! 🔥🔥🔥

@cihan_sh_ December 2018

أموت عليج وللة حتا موت
أحب يوم واحد أحجي ويا انتة. ماريد اي شي بهايل دنيا
اذا ماعندك أحساس الي ليش تنضر علية؟ @cihan.5

@cihan_sh_ December 2018

@cihan.5 ؟؟؟؟؟

@ll___akkiiii___ll December 2018


@dr.jamalsaleh December 2018

Nice, big like👏👍

@paisolteirotbmsabe December 2018

Linda foto

@a_zola1313 December 2018


@ateenwaa last month


@n.3hl 4 days ago

Please check your direct @instagram

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