83 9 July 2018

This was taken july 30 2017 and second pic july 7 2018
one year of hard work and a lot of cardio 😅 developing solid mass and increasing my muscle endurance.
keeping my mass and toning up has been a challenge but is defiantly paying off .
pushing to build lean mass with more controlled reps and being able to manage mold myself how i want.managing to find a good plan and diet that fits my body while helping me reach my goals .
i’ve gone through a lot of trial and error but finally feel confident with my current plan.
i never turn down opinions or advice even if i’m more developed than someone . seeing others views on training and diet and taking pieces to create something that works for me has been the determining factor in being able to shred down and keep my strength at about 95%
i’m not where i want but i’ll be massive and shredded soon 😯😇

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@gustavobauzo July 2018

Good stuff bro i see you putting in the hard-work 👌🏻

@dagsfitness July 2018

U look like @simeonpanda lol😂😂😂

@dagsfitness July 2018

Btw nice stuff

@cgirthlifts July 2018

@dagsfitness thank you i wish ! hahah

@cgirthlifts July 2018

@gustavobauzo thank you bro you too

@bfirst_apparel124 July 2018

Stare my info profile soon afterward you read this!! hola heyyy.

@hagleywestwatches July 2018

Looking strong brother 👌🏻👌🏻💪🏻 we are looking for ambassadors to promote our brand. is this something you’d be interested in bud ? drop me an email and i will send further details. 👌🏻 sales@hagleywest.com - thanks jayden

@bfirst_apparel363 July 2018

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