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Okay this is a little scary 😱 for me to post a pic with no makeup on, right after i opened my eyes, but i thought, what the heck, why not? and now i’m challenging you to do the same! it’s all because today i’m standing with @iamfashionlaine to launch the #wokeupthiswaychallenge & bring some realness back to social media. life’s not perfect, we’re not perfect, but through social media we’ve all been able to showcase these most “perfect” lives we all portray. studies have shown how social media has affected mental wellness as we’ve all now become so used to comparing ourselves to the “perfect” pictures we continually see on social media. so today i am posting what i look like when i wake up in the morning (no filter, no makeup, and clearly i didn’t brush my hair). now i’m asking you to be part of this challenge too and bring awareness and spread this much-needed conversation around the world. •

here is how to participate and share:
***post a photo of yourself of how you look when you wake up in the morning (no hair done, no makeup, no filter!) with the hashtag #wokeupthiswaychallenge and talk about how you’re spreading the message to bring realness back to social media
***tag 3 (or more!) friends to challenge them next to post a morning photo
***if you don’t want to participate by posting a photo, you can still join the cause by donating money to @ladygaga ‘s @btwfoundation which is committed to promoting the wellness of young people and inspiring them to create a kinder, braver world. #aunaturale #sansmakeup

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@ldyclaud June 2018

You still look 👀 beautiful

@passion_69love_69 June 2018

You are #totally#beautiful !!!. #iloveyou in a #natural way, just like this. 😉☺😊💘💖😎

@espelage_music June 2018

Beautiful as always!! ❤❤ #wokeupthisway #wokeupthiswaychallenge

@loop4x4 June 2018

I would love to kiss that face good morning and goodnight. very beautiful

@amadobotello June 2018

Stellar wake up look

@jackjj13 June 2018

Natural looks very good on you😉

@tino.gonzalez.357 June 2018

Very gutsy and a very humble person that you’re

@miguelnapolescarranza June 2018


@moonspinklady06 June 2018

I'll say this the liberte chan when made up and working i probaly wouldn't approach just because you seem nonsense there, but this liberte i would so say hey throw on a cap and lets do brunch. i feel like many hide behind make up and im always happy to see people just wipe it off and be a little more free ro relax @libertechan thanks for sharing

@arsysnet June 2018

Its real, its beautiful

@jan_landers June 2018

You are still beautiful!

@jan_landers June 2018

You are still beautiful!

@jan_landers June 2018

You are still beautiful!

@carmgwilkinson June 2018

You won the challenge!

@mediaajstech June 2018

Totally cute

@webbp7 June 2018

You are a beautiful person in side and out. no makeup necessary.

@jejones59 June 2018

You are still a beautiful lady. to be able to smile upon waking up shows a true inner beauty. 😊

@mmouse1798 June 2018

You are a beautiful soul and woman

@howarddrescher June 2018

It’s a natural beauty. all the makeup covers that.

@dodgerlady6 June 2018

I did it liberte' this am. it is a scary feeling

@maccopas39 June 2018

Like !!

@flyerrwc June 2018

I applaud and respect your courage to post this. i agree with you that nobody is perfect. if someone claims they are then run..lol. unfortunately authenticity and honesty are rare these days. everyone wants to compare themselves to others but it's all about taking a look in the mirror and being happy with yourself. most think love is earned but it is freely given. why i appreciate your post.

@libertechan June 2018

@supmr.5mil3 thank you

@libertechan June 2018

@jonakeller thank you

@libertechan June 2018

@williamedwardpeterson thank you so much

@libertechan June 2018

@bootlegmeckanic it’s the best! @schumacher1889 wallpaper

@libertechan June 2018

@normvp1450 🙏

@erickquezada12 June 2018

You are so beautiful with out makeup. you are you and that’s beautiful 😍💖

@mrlifegoeson75 July 2018

You're beautiful this way @libertechan

@lanevo72 July 2018

Well if u dont mind me saying..u still look amazing 😉

@henry_alex_bowers16 July 2018

Still looks beautiful with or without makeup 💄

@charliem1000 July 2018

You are absolutely beautiful!!

@5150bagger August 2018

Absolutely beautiful ❤️

@jonpollman1865 August 2018

Your absolutely gorgeous

@mta_taz August 2018

Very nice 😉

@davidsbiz August 2018

You are a natural beauty

@spikeydude42 November 2018

Oh dear god 😨 ... ... ...haha jk, keep up the good work with the saturday morning team 😁

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